Layne Norton Wins First Powerlifting Competition After Two Year Injury Hiatus

Layne Norton, PhD, or Biolayne as most know him on social media, is finally back to competing in powerlifting. Norton has been on a two year hiatus from competing after a series of injuries forced him to withdraw from multiple meets. In the past years, Norton has won two USAPL 93kg National Championships, and a silver medal at the 2015 IPF Classic World Championships.

This past weekend, Norton competed at the 6th Annual USAPL Central Florida Open Powerlifting Championships in the 105kg raw weight class. He finished first place with a final 715kg (1,576 lb) total.

His final squat was an easy 260kg (573 lb), and in his video’s description (provided below) he gives a little insight into his past two year run with injuries.

Norton writes, “Pain free 260kg/573lbs. No one will ever know how much this means to me. It’s not even close to a PR but after 2 disc bulges/herniations in my neck AND lower back as well as a torn muscle in my hip… it took me almost 2 years to get back but I never stopped showing up. I’m BACK!!! And by nationals I’ll be ready to give them hell!”

He also shared his final 155kg (341 lb) bench press video from the competition, which was enough to put him in the lead.

After his bench edged him into first, his final 300kg (660 lb) deadlift (attached below) sealed him with his first place finish, and earned him a 9/9 day.

Norton is no stranger to injuries, so it’s been cool watching him build back from the ground up to a competitive/elite status. In a video shared on Norton’s YouTube channel in late December 2016, he addresses why he won’t be quitting powerlifting anytime soon, and provides a little more detail into his injuries.

He talks about the timeline of his injuries and what doctors and critics have said. Additionally, he talks about the risks that come with competing at an elite and world level, and how it’s part of the sport.

Hopefully as the year progresses, we can see Norton stay injury free and put up impressive numbers at the 2017 USAPL Nationals in October.

Feature image screenshot from @biolayne Instagram page.