Watch Lu Xiaojun’s Insane 180kg Snatch (at 77kg Bodyweight)

At this point, we’re used to seeing footage of Lu Xiaojun doing some impressive things in training. And there are few active weightlifters who can match his competition pedegree: Three time World Champion, 2012 Olympic Champion, 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist, and World Record holder in the snatch and total. His 177kg snatch from the Rio Olympic Games is one of the more impressive active weightlifting world records considering that relatively few others in the 77kg can come within 7 kilos of it.

And for the past half-decade or so, Xiaojun has been hands-down the best snatcher in his weight class.

But, of course, there’s always more to see from Xiaojun. We’re not sure when it was filmed, but it appears that he’s gone as heavy as 180kg in the snatch (on camera, at least) in training.

Video of that lift below. For those who prefer their weights in pounds: This is a man snatching 396 pounds at UNDER 170 pounds bodyweight.

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Last we heard, Lu Xiaojun plans on competing for at least a couple more years, though even he’s admitted that training over 30 years old is an altogether different challenge than being elite in your 20s. (He turned 32 just a week before the Rio Olympics.)

We’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll see him in at least a few more international competitions before his stellar career winds down — and hopefully, he’ll take a crack at this 180kg on the platform.

Featured image: @awesome_weightlifting on Instagram