Check Out Norwegian Rock Climber Magnus Midtbo’s 1-Arm Muscle-Up

Before diving into this article, let the record show that we don’t recommend trying this movement without the proper strength, experience, and form. A one-arm muscle-up can be extremely tough on the shoulder, and without the proper training and muscle base, injury can happen.

The one-arm muscle-up is a feat in calisthenics and climbing comparable to something like deadlifting 500 lbs in powerlifting. It takes a lot of training, know-how, and strength to complete, plus it serves as a significant milestone. Yesterday, Norwegian rock climber Magnus Midtbo passed his one-arm muscle-up milestone, but not without a fair amount of struggle.

Check out his video below, which features Midtbo’s two muscle-up attempts.

What’s possibly most impressive about the video is not the muscle-up itself, but the effort Midtbo puts into each attempt. He got stuck twice, and ended up pushing through both time demonstrating crazy balance and composure. We’d guess a lot of that has to do with his previous rock climbing experience.

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After his second attempt, Midtbo mentions that his shoulder was feeling the stress from pushing through his second muscle-up. We’re not sure if he’ll be trying more anytime soon.

Midtbo is no stranger to impressive climbing and upper body strength feats. In 2013, he became only one of four climbers to complete the 8c+ route Cosi Van Tutte at Rodellar in Spain. Check out one of Midtbo’s recent climbing photos taken in Spain.

In the gym, Midtbo frequently posts impressive climbing videos featuring one-armed feats, and he often highlights his ridiculous grip strength. His videos could be described as ninja-esque, similar to Swedish obstacle course athlete Fanny Josefine’s.

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Check out the video below that Midtbo shared in early August, which features one-arm explosive climbs, and finger toes-to-bar and chin-ups.

There’s no denying that climbers have some of the strongest grips in the world of sports. Midtbo is one of the world’s top climbers, and continues to prove why he’s earned that title.

Feature image screenshot from Magnus Midtbo YouTube channel.