Mark Rosenberg Locks Out World Record Jefferson Deadlift of 910 Pounds

Rosenberg is the second athlete ever to pull a 900-plus-pound Jefferson deadlift.

There’s a new king of the Jefferson deadlift in town. On Dec. 31, 2022, Mark Rosenberg took to his Instagram page to share a video wherein he sniffed some ammonia before lifting a 412.7-kilogram (910-pound) Jefferson deadlift. It marks a new world record, exceeding the previous all-time mark by four pounds. 

…to think the six-plate warmup felt hard, never trust your warmups.

During his effort, Rosenberg wore lifting straps and a lifting belt and used an overhand grip. He straddled the barbell with his right leg forward. Check out the massive pull in the video below:

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Rosenberg held his lockout for nearly five seconds. With his new world record, Rosenberg becomes the second person ever to score a successful Jefferson deadlift of at least 900 pounds. The only other member of that club is the former world record holder Sean Green, who achieved a 411-kilogram (906-pound) Jefferson deadlift on Dec. 1, 2019. Green’s record held for three years and 30 days.

Per Massenomics, the following list is the top 10 Jefferson deadlifts on record:

Heaviest Jefferson Deadlifts All Time

  1. Mark Rosenberg — 412.7 kilograms (910 Pounds)
  2. Sean Green — 411 kilograms (906 pounds) 
  3. Steve Johnson367.4 kilograms (810 pounds)
  4. Eric Bugenhagen — 362.9 kilograms (800 pounds) (T-fourth)
  5. Tommy James — 362.9 kilograms (800 pounds) (T-fourth)
  6. Artur Mamadyarov — 350.2 kilograms (772 pounds)
  7. Paul Geuy — 332.9 kilograms (734 pounds)
  8. Ezra Price — 328.9 kilograms (725 pounds)
  9. J.S. Coraboeuf322.5 kilograms (711 pounds)
  10. Travis Ortmayer — 319.8 kilograms (705 pounds)

In the comment section of Massenomics’ Instagram repost, strongman Bobby Thompson pointed out a distinct physical advantage that Rosenberg has that makes Rosenberg uniquely suited for the Jefferson deadlift: long arms.

Looking at this guy after he just did…I can honestly say I don’t think his body was meant to do anything else. He can scratch his knee cap with out bending over.

Given that the world record for the Jefferson deadlift is not a routinely used lift in any sanctioned strongman or powerlifting competition, the world record can change hands during any recorded gym lift. Despite always being up for grabs whenever a heavy lifter steps into the gym, only two athletes have exceeded 900 pounds at the time of this article’s publication. Safe to say, Rosenberg’s record will likely remain atop the record books for a long time.

Featured image: @deadliestlift on Instagram