Martin Tye Deadlifts 505kg For New Seated Deadlift World Record

Strongman Martin Tye does it again, and pushes the seated deadlift world record even further!

In March, strongman Martin Tye made headlines and history when he deadlifted 501kg for a seated deadlift world record at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival. Now, just two months later he’s making headlines again after deadlifting an insane 505 kg for a new seated deadlift world record.

Tye’s newest milestone has also been recognized as a Guinness World Record™.

For a little context, Tye was named the World’s Strongest Disabled Man in 2018 when he deadlifted a then world record of 500kg. Professional strongman Eddie Hall earned the first nod for traditionally deadlifting 500kg in 2016, and Tye has since earned notoriety for also deadlifting 500kg, and doing so seated.

After his latest performance, Tye can now add the whopping 505kg seated deadlift feat to his impressive resume. “The crowd helps a massive amount. They lift you up so high, especially the size that was here,” Tye told the Guinness World Records after. Tye hit this milestone at North Somerset’s Strongest Man event at the North Somerset Show in Wraxall, United Kingdom. The event drew in many spectators, and as always, Tye did not disappoint.

In Guinness World Records’ YouTube video, Tye recalls the moment his life changed forever. Ten years ago, Tye was serving as a Lance Corporal for the British Army in Afghanistan, and a suicide bomber drove into the vehicle that he was commanding. Tye was then left paralyzed from the waist down and was after diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. He’s since been able to rewrite his story and accomplish feats that no one has been able to achieve.

“One thing that’s came out of this is that people quite often say, ‘you’re an inspiration’. I don’t feel like an inspiration, but if I can get more people out of their seat doing sport, then I know it’s going to help them physically and mentally,” Tye explains in the video.

Currently, Tye is fully focused on his training and nutrition and currently consumes 8,000 calories a day, he told the Guinness World Records. “People will think it sounds really good but it really is a lot of food, sometimes you have to force feed. But as a strongman, I get to eat nicer meals than bodybuilders. One of my meals is half a (family) cheesecake. Breakfast sometimes will be fry ups, a lot of porridge and protein shakes and full fat cream, stuff like that.”

Tye is currently prepping for and competing next at the World’s Strongest Disabled Man competition, which is being held in Canada this June.

Feature image from @strongmantye Instagram page.