Martins Licis Wins Arnold Classic Europe (Watch His Epic Deadlift Set)

Over the weekend, the Arnold Classic Europe took place in Barcelona, Spain. The sports filled weekend ran from September 28th and through to the 30th and hosted a ton of world-renowned strength athletes, which included several professional strongmen who went head to head in the Arnold Classic Europe Pro Strongman competition.

This competition is a big deal because it has the potential to qualify athletes for next year’s Arnold Sports Festival USA, which takes place every year in Columbus, Ohio, and serves as the Pro Strongman World Championships.

This year, Latvian strongman Martins Licis walked away with the first place finish and $10,000 USD in prize money. Overall, Licis put on a strong performance and crushed an epic deadlift set of 365kg/804 lbs for eight reps, a video that’s making serious waves across social media.

Last year, Matjaz Belsak won the Arnold Classic Europe, but unfortunately tore his bicep during this year’s competition. We’re still waiting for more details to be released on the severity of his injury, and the event is discussed below in Licis’ Instagram description.

Author’s Note: The video below highlights Licis’ 365kg deadlift set for eight reps. For those experiencing viewing issues on mobile — check this link!

In Licis’ Instagram post recapping the competition, in which he is handed the trophy by Arnold Schwarzenegger, he writes, “With @schwarzenegger , receiving my prize for winning first place at the @arnoldsports festival! Hats off to @belsakstrongman! He would have beaten me if it were not for his bicep tear! Although I competed well, I had a horrible yoke carry which lost me a lot of points, and almost the entire contest…

It was my birthday the day before, and I got lost in the streets of Barcelona for hours with my good friends @reddpanduhh and @_danalyn (by the way, THANK YOU guys for all your support. You really came through for me in keeping ”it” together, cheering at me for events, and keeping me fed/hydrated!” cont. 

An epic deadlift set, a sizable cash prize, and a Arnold Classic Europe Pro Strongman win —it’s safe to say Licis had a pretty great birthday weekend!

Feature image from @martinslicis Instagram page. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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