Mat Fraser Makes a Statement Winning CrossFit® Open Workout 19.4 in Just 8.08

Mat Fraser was already guaranteed a spot at the 2019 CrossFit Games, but he's still dominating the Open.

Three-time CrossFit® Games Champion Mat Fraser already secured his spot at this year’s Games back in December when he won the Dubai CrossFit Championships, and while many raised eyebrows at his 59th place finish in 19.1, he’s silenced any critics with his commanding performances in the Open workouts that followed. He finished third in 19.2 and 19.3 and he’s currently sitting at fifth worldwide in 19.4, finishing the workout in 8 minutes and 8 seconds.

Note that the final placements for this workout may change before all of the final scores are tallied. (The deadline for submission is 5pm PST on Monday, March 18th.)

As a refresher, here’s what the workout looks like.

Time Cap: 12-Minutes (includes 3-minutes of rest)

  • 3 Rounds of 10 snatches (65 lbs for the women, 95 lbs for the men) and 12 bar-facing burpees

Rest 3 minutes before continuing to…

  • 3 Rounds of 10 bar muscle ups and 12 bar-facing burpees

You can watch his performance in the video he submitted below. The mayhem begins at the 1.34 mark. (And yes, that’s Tia-Clair Toomey working with him.)

Fraser has done a good job of reminding his fellow competitors that he’s not one to rest on his laurels. Tia-Clair Toomey, meanwhile, is yet to submit her score, but she came 7th worldwide in 19.3 and 12th in 19.2.

The Leaderboard is currently in flux as some competitors appear to be submitting questionable scores — the current leader is registered as finishing his 19.4 workout in 5 minutes and 3 seconds, but is coming 44,989th overall — so we’re looking forward to the leaderboard stabilizing as the week progresses and to the announcements of the final placements before 19.5 kicks off.

You’ll be hearing more from Fraser this week when he’ll be competing against Tia-Clair Toomey in Miami after the 19.5 workout is announced on Thursday, March 21st. We’re sure it’ll be a workout worth watching as well.

Featured image via @mathewfras on Instagram.