Matt Sohmer Squats 805 lbs for Three Easy Singles

New York based powerlifter Matt Sohmer is no stranger to moving heavy weight. He’s continually proven that he has a very bright future ahead of him, and his latest squat video furthers this point. In fact, we wrote on Sohmer earlier this year in January when he crushed an unofficial junior record with a 365kg (804.5 lb) deadlift at 120kg bodyweight.

This was an impressive feat, but Sohmer is looking to top it in the very near future. On Christmas, Sohmer shared a video highlighting three raw squat singles with 805 lbs at a bodyweight of 260 lbs. Check out the monstrous squat video below.

In his Instagram video’s description Sohmer made sure to call out anyone in question of his depth. He writes, “Christmas squats. Squats are more important than Xmas just saying. I did 805 for 3 singles. RPE of 8, 7, 8.5. Second rep was my best, 3rd was the deepest. Bw at 260. All your depth haters can check it. The last two I really sunk them.”

These three singles are only 16 lbs off Sohmer’s competition best of 821 lbs, which he hit in January 2017. On his website, Sohmer highlights that his next meet will take place at the Ultimate IPA Powerlifting New York State Eastern USA Powerlifting Championships on March 10-11th.

On top of these three singles, another notable lift comes from November when Sohmer his a squat PR or 835 lbs. Unfortunately, his camera didn’t catch the 835 lbs, as his points out in the video’s description, check out the video and explanation below.

Sohmer writes in the video’s description, “Little under the weather the last 2 days but still Hit a nice PR of 835lbs today at an RPE of 8. Definitely had some left in the tank. Unfortunately the 835lbs squat video is corrupt and only shows a white video with audio. NOT happy but this is between 810-815ish. This felt great and 835 moves even better.”

In terms of competition bests, Sohmer’s squat isn’t the only lift we’re keeping our eye on. His best competition deadlift is 804 lbs (as mentioned above), and he’s shared recent videos hitting that same weight, but with a great amount of speed.

With three months until his next meet, we’re excited to see what numbers Sohmer’s will be able to work towards. From his latest videos, it looks like we may be seeing new competition bests in early 2018.

Feature image screenshot from @thehulksmash75 Instagram page.