Olympic Weightlifting Medalist Mohamed Ehab Youssef’s Insane Push Press Fight

Egyptian weightlifter Mohamed Ehab Youssef is a World and Olympic medalist (as of Rio), and besides being one of the strongest 77kg males on the planet, he’s known for a couple things:

1. His intensity on the platform, both in competition and in training.

2. Some seriously unorthodox warm-ups and stretches that blur the line between training and Internet troll mastery.

But Youssef’s most recent feat isn’t a new snatch or clean & jerk PR — in fact, it’s not even a PR at all. It’s a compilation of his recent training session that features 17 (!) failed attempts at a 336 pound push press before FINALLY making the weight.

Credit to Reddit user SergiyWL for bringing attention to the epic, one-man lifting battle.

The entire session — dedicated to this one lift — took 1.5 hours, and Youssef has documented his fails and ultimate triumph in the video compilation below.

Never give up! 336lbs push press. 17 failed attempts. 70 total reps over 1& 1/2 hours time.

Of course, Youssef is one of the world’s elite male weightlifters, so we generally trust he knows what he’s doing. But the video above does beg the question: How long do you push before you give up? How long is too long in pursuit of a successful lift during one training session?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Featured image: @mohamed_ehab_youssef on Instagram