Nabil Lahlou (67.5 KG) Deadlifts All Time Raw World Record 318 Kilograms (701 Pounds)

Lahlou is the first in the 67.5-kilogram weight class to eclipse 700 pounds.

67.5-kilogram powerlifter Nabil Lahlou has made powerlifting history by becoming the first male athlete in that weight class to break the 700-pound barrier on the raw deadlift. On Oct. 8, 2022, the “French Phenom” entered the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Good Guys UN Invitational, and he owned the platform on the final lift of the day by pulling 318 kilograms (701 pounds) for a new all-time world record. You can see the lift in the video from his Instagram page below:


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After chalking up, Lahlou approached the barbell with a sumo stance, grabbed the bar with a close hook grip, and began the ascent. Once the bar approached his knees, he struggled slightly to lock out but managed to do so. After a brief hold to wait for the judge’s down command. Lahlou returned the bar to the floor. He wore his singlet and a weightlifting belt.

The weight that Lahlou pulled was 4.7 times his body weight, breaking the previous record of 310 kilograms (683.4 pounds) set by Daniel Clements at the 2020 2020 USAPL Virginia Winter Wrecker contest. According to Open Powerlifting, this is Lahlou’s first all-time world record.

Lahlou was tied for second all-time in the deadlift in all events and in a full meet with his previous best lift of 310 kilograms (683.4 pounds). That lift was made at the 2022 USPA Drug Tested King of the Cave meet on June 18, 2022. The Good Guys UN Invitational was also a drug-tested meet.

The deadlift got the most attention, but Lahlou had a successful meet overall. The summary of his day is below:

USPA) Good Guys UN Invitational — Nabil Lahlou | 67.5KG

  • Squat 230 kilograms (507.1 pounds)
  • Bench Press —130 kilograms (286.6 pounds)
  • Deadlift — 318 kilograms (701 pounds) — All-Time World Record
  • Total: 677.7 kilograms (1,494 pounds) 

Thanks to these lifts, Lahlou joined the unofficial “10X Club” of lifters that have totaled 10 times over their body weight. Other members of this club include Chad Penson, who totaled 11 times his bodyweight at the 2021 Kern US Open, and John Haack, who pulled the feat off at the 2022 USPA Raw Pro meet in September.

The deadlift is a personal best in a meet, but it isn’t the most Lahlou has lifted overall. In August 2022, he pulled 356.7 kilograms (785 pounds) in training at a body weight of 70 kilograms (155 pounds) — five times his body weight at the time.

Featured image: @kinng_67 on Instagram