Nathan Damron Clean & Jerks 205kg, 10kg Above Junior American Record

Twenty year old American weightlifter Nathan Damron continues to make a run at big numbers after moving up to the 94kg weight class (we think permanently; he switched back and forth between 85kg and 94kg for much of late 2015/early 2016). Yesterday, he hit perhaps his most impressive lift yet: a 205kg clean & jerk, which is a full 10kg above the current Junior American Record in the 94kg class (105kg, held by D’Angelo Osorio since 2013).

Damron is expected to compete at the American Open in a couple of weeks, which will be the last competition where he’s eligible to break American records as a Junior. As it stands, the Junior snatch record in his weight class is 158kg (held by Jared Fleming), a weight Damron looks to be getting increasingly comfortable with.

And here he is snatching 160kg (with straps) in training recently.

Do you think Nathan Damron — training out of Mash Elite in North Carolina — has a legitimate shot to break American records in competition next month? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Featured image: @nathandamron94 on Instagram