These Are the First Images of the Nike Metcon 4s (Plus Tentative Release Date)

It’s that time of year again, where newly updated show models begin to surface around the internet. Often times, these images come a little earlier in the year, but hey, we really can’t complain about sneak peaks.

Earlier today, some of the first (supposed) images of the Nike Metcon 4 were shared, and they look pretty cool. Check out one of the images shared from iheartnikemetcons’ Instagram page below.

There’s been a tentative release date announced for the Nike Metcon 4, and that’s set for sometime during December, according to Garage Gym Reviews. Our guess would be that it’s going to be parallel to last year’s December 19th Nike Metcon 3 official release.

Nike has yet to provide the official specs of the Metcon 4 model, but we can make some estimations based on the pictures we’ve seen. The heel cup and increased sole wrap have appeared to stay roughly the same. The tongue looks slightly different, and a little skinnier, similar to what the Nike Romaleos 3 have.

In addition, the upper shoe material has a rubber-esque grip pattern with an added toe wrap, which could be a cool addition for gripping ropes, walls, and medicine balls better. It’s going to be interesting to see if this material provides this model with a little more breatheability.

Lastly, the colorways are changing slightly, and there appears to be a little a boost in color around the inside of the shoe and on the laces. We’re guessing pricing will be the same.

Last year, the Nike Metcon 3 made a significant statement in the cross training shoe market. Not only was it among the most popular cross training shoes to date, but it also included changes that other major shoe companies seemed to emulate. These changes included the addition of a plastic heel cup and increased rubber sole on the inside of the shoe.

Now all we can do is wait at the mercy of Nike for more shoe specs and an official release date. Until then, we’re hoping we continue to get sneak peaks and closer looks at what this year’s Nike Metcon 4 model has to offer.

Feature image from @iheartnikemetcons Instagram page.