Nizami Tagiev Strict Curls 114 Kilograms to Tie the World Record

Tagiev now co-holds the strict curl all-time world record with Leroy "The Machine" Walker.

Nizami Tagiev — also known as the Strict Curl Monster — strict-curled 114 kilograms at the 2022 Siberian Power Show held on April 2-3, 2022 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, tying the strict curl world record set by Leroy Walker in 2021.

You can check out the monster lift in the video below, courtesy of Tagiev’s Instagram page. Note: Tagiev refers to his lift as a new all-time world record but Walker’s controversial 114-kilogram lift was deemed legitimate. 


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Tagiev performed the lift wearing a Superman t-shirt over a bodysuit. He can be seen sniffing what is presumably ammonia before stepping into the lifting rack. Apart from a little struggle at the midpoint, the Russian powerlifter was in total control throughout the curl and completed the lift with relative ease. Tagiev didn’t say how much he weighed at the time of his lift.

Besides Nizami’s 114-kilogram lift, two other athletes set a world record at the event. Podoshevkina Inna curled 52.5 kilograms, setting the women’s strict curl world record. Sakovich Oleg curled 105 kilograms at 85 kilograms, setting a weight class world record by curling 20 kilograms more than his own bodyweight.

Curl Controversy

Nizami Tagiev now co-holds the strict curl world record with Leroy Walker, who set the 114-kilogram strict curl world on August 28, 2021, at the Johnnie O. Jackson Classic. However, Walker’s 114-kilogram strict curl aroused controversy in the powerlifting circuit, hence Tagiev stating that his lift is the all-time world record.


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Many people, including Tagiev, were critical of Walker’s strict curl record and considered Dennis Cyplenkov’s 113-kilogram lift the record. Walker’s naysayers believe his elbows were too bent at the starting position, giving him an unfair advantage by shortening his range of motion. Some think Walker’s grip was narrow, and he was handed the barbell by spotters. Finally, there were concerns that the bar had been misloaded. However, officials at the meet — National Powerlifting Committee (NPLC) — reviewed the weight and gave the lift a green light.

Strict Curl Rules

For a strict curl to be considered legitimate, a competitor must adhere to the following rules:

  • The head, upper body, and glutes must remain against a wall throughout the lift. If any of the three body parts leave the wall either on the way up or down, the lift doesn’t count.
  • Heels must be 12 inches or less from the wall, and lifters can’t use their legs or any momentum to help get the weight up.
  • The weight must be lifted to a fully curled position (near the chin or throat). 
  • The competitor needs to be in control of the weight at the top of the movement and hold it until a judge or official gives a down signal.
  • A lifter can perform the curl with an EZ or straight barbell.

Nizami Tagiev Powerlifting Personal Bests

Nizami “The Strict Curl Monster” Tagiev is no stranger to strength sports. He started his competitive journey in 2011 by competing in the Moscow City Powerlifting Championships, where he placed third.

  • Squat (wraps): 705.4 pounds (300 kilograms) | 2019 WPF-RUS Megapolis Tournament
  • Bench Press (single-ply): 518.1 pounds (235 kilograms) | 2015 WPC World Cup
  • Deadlift (raw): 793.6 pounds (360 kilograms) | 2019 WPF-RUS Megapolis Tournament
  • Total (single-ply): 1985.2 pounds (900.5 kilograms) | 2015 WPC World Cup

Since the 30-year-old powerlifter completed the 114-kilogram strict curl with relative ease, strength sports fans will be eager to see what the Russian has up his sleeve for his next competition.

Featured Image: @neizi_333 on Instagram