Powerlifter Leroy Walker Sets Strict Curl World Record With 114-Kilogram Lift

The powerlifter set the record at the Johnnie O Jackson Classic on August 28, 2021.

On August 28, 2021, powerlifter Leroy Walker made history by setting the all-time world record in the strict curl, with a 114-kilogram (250-pound) lift. The record-breaking performance occurred at the Johnnie O. Jackson Classic and was sanctioned by the National Powerlifting Committee (NPLC). Ghost Strength Equipment — a brand that Walker affiliates with — posted a video of the lift to their account. 

Walker himself shared appreciation in the comments of the video. “Huge thank you to all the Ghost Strong team and family for y’all’s support,” he wrote. You can check out the video of Walker’s lift in the video below, courtesy of Ghost Strong Equipment’s Instagram page:


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The strict curl — which was once a competition lift in powerlifting — has the lifter perform a curl with an EZ-Curl barbell or straight barbell with the person’s head, back, and glutes touching a wall. The curl must be performed consistently upwardly until the biceps are contracted, and the weight is at shoulder height. The lifter must hold the weight until a judge or official gives a down signal. If the head, back, or glutes come off the wall, the lift is no good. The strict curl had been a part of meets by various organizations, but it is not considered a standard lift like the traditional squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Walker performed his lift with an EZ-curl bar. His successful attempt breaks the previous record of 113.5 kilograms (249 pounds) that Denis Cyplenkov held. In recent years, the strict curl had been made famous by C.T. Fletcher, who previously held the record himself with a lift of 104.3 kilograms (230 pounds).


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Initially, there was a concern that the bar had been misloaded. However, officials at the meet reviewed the weight on the bar and determined the lift was valid. The weight included 25, 15, five, two and a half, and one-kilogram weight plates on each side of a 12-kilogram barbell with two and a half-kilogram barbell collars.

This is Walker’s first world record in any lift. He is also known for his prowess in the bench press. According to Open Powerlifting, his best raw lift is 227.5 kilograms (501 pounds), while his best-equipped lift is 306 kilograms (675 pounds). Walker has yet to compete in a full meet as of this writing.

Featured Image: @lwthemachine on Instagram