Check Out Noémie Allabert (-52kg) Squat a 155kg/342lb PR

Allabert's new squat PR is just 5.5kg/12lb shy of tying the European record.

Noémie Allabert is a powerlifter from France who, like her fellow countrymen, has been putting up extremely heavy lifts recently. Since she entered the competitive powerlifting scene in 2017 at the age of 26, she has appeared in ten sanctioned events. Of those ten, she won four — the highlight being the European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) 2018 European Classic Championships as a -47kg lifter — and she made the podium in another three.

Most recently, Allabert moved up to the -52kg division and took first at the EPF 2019 European Classic Championships where she hit a 415kg/915lb total as well as her competition best squat of 152.5kg/336lb. In a recent training session, she breezed past that competition best with a 155kg/342lb squat PR. Check it out in the video below from her Instagram page:

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This new PR for Allabert is three times her competition bodyweight and only 5.5kg/12lb shy of tying the EPF record squat currently held by Pleun Dekkers of the Netherlands.

This new PR did not happen by accident; Allabert has consistently posted her (very consistent) training sessions over the last couple of months as she’s been able to maintain her performance in her home gym. Just a week ago she shared a video of herself squatting 150kg/331lb. A week before that she hit a 142.5kg/314lb squat.

To get a sense of how significant a 5kg/11lb increase can be at this level of performance, here is last week’s 150kg/331lb squat, courtesy of her Instagram page:

“I realize that I underestimate myself (or when I am a bit shy) so sometimes I just try to power through — because this is a power-based sport.”

Assuming her progression continues at this pace, then she might break through that European record pretty soon.

Feature image via Noémie Allabert’s Instagram page: @noemieallabert