NordicTrack Vault Review

The NordicTrack Vault is a complete home gym that looks good in any room of the house.

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As technology has advanced, so have at-home gyms. You no longer need a giant space to store all the equipment you need to accomplish home workouts, so NordicTrack is putting this reality front and center with the new NordicTrack Vault. 

The Vault is basically a mirror that doubles as a gym — the touchscreen display plays iFit fitness classes, and behind the mirror, you’ll find a closet full of workout equipment to help you accomplish any iFit class you choose on-screen. NordicTrack also offers a version that doesn’t come with the equipment, for those who already have their own. It’s an all-in-one smart gym for anyone who wants to save some space and have a piece of equipment that can also pass as a stylish piece of furniture.

Main Takeaways

  • The NordicTrack Vault Complete comes with dumbbells, bands, kettlebells and a yoga mat.
  • The 6-foot mirror hides a 32” touchscreen display when the gym isn’t in use.
  • The built-in library of workouts includes strength, yoga, recovery, mobility, stretching and HIIT classes.
NordicTrack Vault
NordicTrack Vault
NordicTrack Vault

The NordicTrack Vault is a high-tech smart gym that features iFit classes on a 6-foot mirror display. As you workout, you can watch your form and your trainer in the mirror and gauge your progress with on-screen stats. The Complete option comes with a closet full of dumbbells, kettlebells, bands and a yoga mat, so your gym equipment can all be stored inside the Vault.

NordicTrack Vault Highlights

It’s tough to have anything bad to say about the NordicTrack Vault. It’s slick and packs an entire home gym into a mirror. It has everything you need for a good workout and the technology to match, but for the all-inclusive gym, you do pay a hefty fare. Before you make your call, you’re going to want to make sure you are getting absolutely everything you want and need out of a smart gym.

Who Should Buy the NordicTrack Vault

  • Athletes who are building their home gym from scratch and looking for a quick and easy way to get all the equipment they need. 
  • Anyone who has a small space and needs a piece of equipment that doubles as a mirror for aesthetic (and practical) purposes. 
  • Avid gym-goers who have come to the realization that if they just have the right equipment, they can do everything they do at the gym, at home.  

Who Shouldn’t Buy the NordicTrack Vault

  • Customers who are looking for a smaller price tag — you won’t find that here.
  • Athletes who already have some of the equipment that comes with the Vault, and are just looking for the Standalone — there are similar options for less money out there. 
  • Anyone who doesn’t feel the need to stream fitness classes throughout their workouts. 


There’s no getting around it — this smart gym comes with a price tag. The NordicTrack Vault Standalone is $1,999, which is more expensive than other standalone options out there. The NordicTrack Vault Complete is $2,999, which is similarly priced to other smart gyms that come with weights and equipment. The good news is, if you’re not ready to dish out all that money at once for either option, you can pay $57 per month for 39 months for the Standalone and $82 per month for 39 months for the Complete. 

It’s worth noting that purchasing a squat rack, a barbell, kettlebells and more is also an expensive endeavor. In the end, building your home gym means axing that monthly gym membership fee so you can own your gym at home. 

Overall Build and Quality

If you’re going to pay for the NordicTrack Vault, you’ll expect a super solid piece of equipment, and that’s exactly what you’re getting with this home gym. No matter which option you go with, you’ll have a high-tech smart gym with a built-in personal trainer that looks like a mirror when you’re not using it to get your sweat in. And if you go with the Complete version, all the equipment that comes with it is of high quality — you won’t have to sift through online dumbbell reviews to find a decent pair. NordicTrack is reliable. 


With the NordicTrack Vault, you’ll be able to take iFit fitness classes on the touchscreen display all while watching your reflection in the mirror to make sure your every movement matches your instructor’s. On top of that, you can track your heart rate and calories burned while competing with others who are also taking the same classes. You’ll have over 150 workouts to choose from, plus a free month of iFit, so you’ll never get bored of doing the same exercises everyday.  

Stats Tracking and Metrics​ 

Once you’ve selected your workout, your calories, time and heart rate will appear on-screen, so you can follow along with your progress as you sweat. 

Form Monitoring

Unlike other similar smart gyms, the NordicTrack Vault doesn’t offer form monitoring, which is a way these pieces of technology alert you if you’re not following along with the instructor properly. Now, for some, this may be a relief if you don’t want to feel like your every move is being analyzed. But for those who enjoy a more in-depth personal training experience, there are other options out there that have this feature — some for a lower price tag.


Within the 6-foot mirror, there’s a 32” touchscreen display. This feature stays hidden by the mirror until you’re ready to use it. The mirror and touchscreen display also swivel 360 degrees, so you can get inside the Vault to retrieve your weights and do your workout at any angle in the room. 

Included workouts

You’ll find 158 workouts within the NordicTrack Vault divided into four categories, which include strength, yoga, recovery/mobility/stretching and HIIT. Within those categories, you can filter through to find beginner, beginner/intermediate, intermediate, intermediate/advanced and advanced workouts.

Workout Apps, Compatibilityand Subscription Options

You’ll get a free month of iFit with your purchase (a $39 value), so in addition to the 158 built-in iFit classes, you’ll also have access to iFit’s entire library of over 16,000 live and on-demand classes. These include running, strength, yoga, HIIT and more. 

Gear and Accessories

If you choose to purchase the Nordictrack Vault: Complete, your Vault will come with a yoga mat, blocks, three loop bands, three resistance bands, dumbbells (pairs from 5 pounds up to 30 pounds), and two kettlebells (20 pounds and 30 pounds), plus a towel to keep your mirror sparkly clean. 

Bluetooth and Speakers

The NordicTrack Vault does have Bluetooth connectivity for both a heart rate monitor and headphones. If you choose not to use your headphones to sync to the class of your choosing, the class will play through the gym’s dual 3” Digitally-Amplified Speakers.

Heart Rate Monitoring

You can sync any heart rate monitor through the Vault’s Bluetooth connectivity, and your heart rate will appear on-screen throughout your session. 

HDMI, USB and Other Inputs

There’s no USB plug on the NordicTrack Vault, but you won’t need to keep your phone charged up since all of your workouts will play on the mirror display. 

Product Specs

The carbon steel frame of this product ensures the NordicTrack Vault will last long enough to make your investment worthwhile. It’s big enough to hold all your gym equipment inside, but not too big that it isn’t an option for small apartments. It does weigh 258 pounds though (and that’s without the equipment inside), so you’ll want to make sure it’s not moving somewhere else once you set it up, or you’re going to need to find a friend to help you.

Size and Dimensions

The Vault is great for small spaces, measuring 72.65” x 24.25” x 14”. The frame is a closet for your workout gear as well, so whether you purchased your weights and bands on your own or went with the NordicTrack Vault: Complete option, you can store all your equipment away inside the Vault when you’re not using it. And a bonus: When it’s not in use, your home gym just looks like a mirror. 


This gym weighs 258 pounds, and that’s not including all the weights and equipment that come with it if you order the NordicTrack Vault: Complete. 

Storage Options

The frame has shelving and hooks to store all of your workout gear inside of the Vault. This makes the Vault great for small spaces since it’s basically a mirror that doubles as a gym.

Electrical Requirements

The NordicTrack Vault requires electricity from your standard 120 volt, 15 amp outlet to boot up your personal trainer through iFit. We’re happy to report that no electricity is required to use it as a mirror.


With your purchase, you’ll get a 10-year warranty on the frame, two on parts and one on labor.

Places to Buy

You can buy both NordicTrack Vault options through NordicTrack’s website. 

Company Information

NordicTrack offers at-home interactive training through iFit and the Vault is the perfect way to get the most out of that. Not only does the company make home gyms like the Vault, but it also produces high-quality treadmills, bikes, rowers and ellipticals. NordicTrack offers a 30-day trial period, and if you’re not satisfied after a month, you will receive a full refund. They also offer customer support at 1-888-308-9616.


Is the NordicTrack Vault worth the cost?

If you are starting from scratch to build out your home gym, the NordicTrack Vault: Complete could be helpful since it comes with everything you need. All in all, if you’re going for the Complete version, it’s worth considering for the convenience factor.

Should I buy the Standalone or Complete version of the NordicTrack Vault?

If you have dumbbells and most of the equipment included in the Complete option at home already, you should definitely go with the Standalone option. Even if you have half the equipment at home, it’s worth building out your stock on your own and not re-purchasing items you already have when you buy the Vault: Complete. If you don’t have anything at home and you are starting from scratch, the NordicTrack Vault: Complete is your best bet.

Can I watch TV on the NordicTrack Vault?

No, the NordicTrack Vault is designed to play iFit classes, not to stream Netflix, so you’ll have to do your bingeing on your own time (unfortunately) and dedicate your time in front of the Vault for building some muscle.