Connecticut Obesity Percentages From 2012 to 2022

In 2012, Connecticut had one county with an obese population of at least 30 percent. In 2022, it has four.

Connecticut was at the forefront of many technologies and cultural landmarks in the 20th century. It was home to the first helicopter, Polaroid camera, and color television. The first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, was constructed there. The first trade association was founded in Naugatuck Valley. The Hartford Courant is the oldest active newspaper publication, founded in 1764. It is the home of World Wrestling Entertainment‘s (WWE) headquarters, where PEZ candy is manufactured, and the first-ever lollipop-making machine.

For all the excellence Connecticut has, including being only one of two states to never ratify the 18th amendment (the other was Rhode Island), it was unsuccessful in lowering its obesity percentage during the decade spanning 2012 to 2022. Check out the infographic below, which displays the obesity percentages for all eight of Connecticut’s counties and compares those percentages across the state’s average obesity:

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Seven of the eight counties that make up Connecticut saw their population’s obesity increase by at least four percent over the decade. Only one county — Windham — increased its obesity by one point. However, it is still one of the four counties with an obesity percentage of over 30 percent as of 2022. That means half the counties in Connecticut of an obesity percentage of 30 percent or greater.

The county with the lowest obesity percentage in the state is Fairfield at 24 percent. Still, that’s a six percent increase from the 18 percent obesity it had in 2012. Litchfield is the county that saw the biggest jump in obesity, climbing eight percentage points in 10 years from 20 to 28 percent. New London wasn’t far behind with a seven percent increase that saw its 2012 24-percent obesity rate eclipse the 30-percent milestone to 31 percent.

Despite Fairfield’s six percent increase in obesity, it actually dropped its percentage by five points when comparing it across the state’s average. While not as stark of a contrast, New Haven ranked worst in obesity when compared to the state average with a three percent jump across the decade. In 2012, only one county — Windham — was at 30 percent obesity. As of 2022, New Haven, Hartford, and New London have joined it.

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