Old Guys Are Outlifting You: 64 Year Old Snatches 100 Kilos Off the Blocks

Update: We’ve identified the lifter with help from our awesome readers! And it turns out he’s actually 64 years young, not 62 as originally stated in this Instagram post embedded below.

His name is Juan “The King” Sepulveda (that’s “El Rey” for the Spanish speakers), and at 64, he’s out lifting most of us. Recently, he smoked a 100kg snatch off the blocks.

His celebration at the end just makes it that much more fun to watch.

Want to know more about Juan? He’s an Atlanta resident to trains out of Coffee’s Gym

The post’s caption begins with “GEEZER STRONG,” which seems appropriate given the fact that this guy just took 100 kilos for a ride that makes many lifters less than half his age envious. Actually, we’re crushing on his bald eagle/American Flag shirt almost as much as we’re admiring his mobility, because we’ve been struggling to hit that catch position for years.

Here’s a video of a 61 year old Juan snatching 104kg off the blocks. Notice his trademark awesome celebration.

And if you want more great Masters lifting — powerlifting, in this case — check out this post from a couple months ago rounding up some of the best lifts from the 2016 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships held in Killeen, Texas. It includes David Ricks’ absolutely ridiculous 685 pound raw squat at 57 years old, a lift that set a new Open world record in addition to obliterating the standing mark in his age category.

Featured Image: @crossfit_weightlifting on Instagram