Check Out Onnit’s New Star Wars Themed Workout Equipment

If you love working out and Star Wars™, then you’re in luck. Onnit has announced their newly released line of Star Wars inspired functional fitness equipment. As of right now and from what we can see, Onnit’s line of Star Wars gear is composed of three different pieces of equipment.

Their line appears to include a Death Star Slam Ball, Han Solo Yoga Mat, and three different sized kettlebells. Check out the ad Onnit posted yesterday on their Instagram.

In their Instagram description Onnit writes, “There’s a new Force in fitness. Onnit is proud to introduce a new line of functional fitness equipment inspired by the most iconic brand in the galaxy, Star Wars.” As of right now, the equipment is available on pre-order.

Yes, this equipment is cool, but as you can imagine it’s a little more pricey than your standard gear. Then again, this equipment is unique and definitely designed for the enthusiasts who want to exercise in style. Check out the specs, equipment videos, and prices below.

Death Star Slam Ball 

The slam ball is 10′ in diameter and has a weight of 20 lbs. As of right now, the 20 lb ball is the only Star Wars slam ball available.

Price: $74.95 + tax

Han Solo Yoga Mat

Bounty hunter fans unite. The Han Solo themed yoga mat depicts Solo when he was frozen in carbonite. The mat is 5mm thick, 650mm wide, and 1,800mm long.

Price: $64.95 + tax

Star Wars Kettlebells

If you love the dark force, then you’ll enjoy who Onnit selected to make kettlebells after. They created three different weighted bells, each with a different face from the Imperial Army.

Boba Fett™ 50 lb Kettlbell Price: $149.95 + tax
Stormtrooper™ 60 lb Kettlebell Price: $179.95 + tax
Darth Vader™ 70 lb Kettlebell Price: $199.95 + tax

Could you imagine a full gym decked out in Star Wars themed equipment? We feel like it would make accessory movement a little more fun. For example, you could slam the Imperial Army with the Death Star Ball and swing Darth Vader with kettlebell swings.

If you love Star Wars we have to ask, would you buy Onnit’s new equipment?

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