CrossFit Pacific Regional Day 1 Recap

CrossFit Regional season is upon us, and thanks to time zones, the Day 1 of the Pacific Region gave us a little preview of what we can see over the next three weekends.

On the women’s side, things went about just as expected, and by that we mean Kara Webb and her quads showed up to the party. After we were all reminded of Webb’s dramatic 2015 experience in the recently released Behind the Scenes of the CrossFit Games series, it’s great to see her looking strong.

Webb currently holds the Regional-wide Event 1 record (for both men and women), completing all of her snatches in an astonishing 5 minutes and 29 seconds. While that score easily beats other Regions, it’s particularly drastic in the Pacific, where it beats out the #2 finisher Bailey Rogers by nearly two and a half minutes.

Webb took 3rd in Event 2 after getting no-repped on both of her first two strict muscle ups and a few handstand push-ups. While that may have rattled a less experienced athlete, Webb seemed to hardly notice and chugged along with her trademark calm confidence.

Tia-Clair Toomey proved she’s not a fluke with a 3rd place finish in Event 1, and a 5th place finish in Event 2. She sits comfortably in 3rd overall, behind Alethea Boon who is looking to make a sophomore appearance at the CrossFit Games.

Your women’s leaders after Day 1:

1. Kara Webb
2. Alethea Boon
3. Tia-Clair Toomey
4. Justine Beath
5. Harriet Roberts

On the men’s side, our one-to-watch prediction Zeke Grove certainly piqued everyone’s interest. He’s sitting in 1st place at the end of Day 1, after a 5th place finish in Event 1 and a 3rd place finish in Event 2.

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Your leading men after Day 1:

1. Zeke Grove
2. Khan Porter
3. Mitchell Sinnamon
4. Jordan Bender
5. Tom Lengyel

On the Team side, CrossFit Athletic and Zaks Pack East Tamaki sit in 1st and 2nd, respectively. Judging confirmed that “synchronized” is a relative term, like last year, judges’ interpretation affected team standings, as some seemed to get away with more than others.

Your team leaders after Day 1:

1. CrossFit Athletic
2. Zaks Pack East Tamaki
3. Injustice Crew
4. Schwartz CrossFit Melbourne
5. CrossFit Active

Pacific Regionals

In irrelevant but amusing news, we learned that someone at HQ doesn’t know the difference between Honduras (HON) and Hong Kong (HKG). Throughout the entire broadcast, the Honduras flag and abbreviation was listed next to Hong Kong teams.

Remind us to send HQ an Atlas before next weekend’s Regionals get going.