Watch Powerlifter Cailer Woolam Shock the Texas Tech Football Team

In today’s rendition of strength athletes pranking others we have Cailer Woolam lifting with the Texas Tech Raiders football team. Whenever you throw a strength athlete (in this case a multi-time world record holder) into a gym with folks who aren’t used to seeing that amount of weight move, then you can expect to see some jaws drop.

Yesterday, Texas Tech Football shared a really cool video on their Facebook page that highlighted Rochester Community College transfer athlete Kaleb Simmons (aka Cailer Woolam) getting a lift in with team. The video features Woolam, a lifelong Texas Tech Raiders fan, pulling what’s routine heavy weight for him, and to no surprise this absolutely mind blows the team.

In the video, Woolam pulled some speedy four and five-plate conventional deadlifts, then works up to multiple pulls above 600 lbs. The final lift they highlight is a 337kg (743 lb) double that floors the whole team.

How many times did the team’s jaws drop? We’ll let you watch and count them out.

College football is right around the corner, and this video couldn’t be more perfect to highlight both the team and a well-known strength athlete. Not to mention, it was really cool to see Woolam get to lift with a team he’s been a fan of for such a long time. At the end of the clip, Rusty Whitt, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, introduces Woolam to the team and let’s him lead the break.

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Feature image from Texas Tech Football Facebook page.