Powerlifter Cyprian Thompson Jr. Squats 408kg (900 lb) for a PR Double

In this day and age, there tend to be very few athletes who can fly under the radar and squat 408kg (900 lbs) for multiple reps. Powerlifting athlete Cyprian Thompson Jr. is one of those lifters, and he’s been pushing huge squats and while quietly upping his impressive total outside of the social media spotlight.

Thompson has been formally competing in powerlifting for about four years, and in this time has increased his total by nearly (226kg) 500+ lbs. For context, he totaled 1,488 lbs back in 2014 and hit 2,004 lb this past December.

Check out Thompson’s latest squat video below, which features three doubles at 317kg (700 lb), 362kg (800 lb), and 408kg (900 lb).


Throughout his career, Thompson’s competed in both the 275 lb and 308 lb weight classes. Currently, Thompson is sitting around 295-300 lbs and is unsure if he’ll make a cut to 275 lbs, or stay at that weight and compete 308 lbs for his meet. His next meet is planned for May 26th at the RPS Central Florida PHG Throwdown, which is being hosted by CTX Fitness Orlando.

He told us his goal for this meet is, “2,100+ total, I’m looking to finally establish 900-915 lbs on the platform [squat], and then shoot my shot at 950 lbs that day for a third attempt. Also, a 450 lb bench, and by the end of it 700+ lbs on deadlift. Ideally, 750 for a meet/all-time PR.” 

Thomspon’s last December meet (referenced above) was at the USPA Indiana State Championships. At this meet, Thompson hit a 387kg (854 lb) squat, a 192kg (424 lb) bench, and a 327kg (722 lb) deadlift.


In terms of prep for this May’s meet and what he’s doing different Thompson told us, “If you need more details, I can extrapolate, but my coach Allen Pilley is the mastermind behind my success. He’s a big fan of Louie Simmons, so that’s where a lot of the inspiration comes from. There’s not much difference leading into this meet – with the exception of a lot more core/stability work.”  

From the speed of his video, we’re optimistic that Thompson will achieve his squat goals come meet day in about a month.

Feature image from @bobby.booshay Instagram page.