Powerlifter Isabella von Weissenberg Easily Squats 430 Pounds

Isabella von Weissenberg is squatting heavy weight in lead up to the 2019 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships.

Swedish powerlifting sensation Isabella von Weissenberg is gearing up for the 2019 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Powerlifting Championships this month. Weissenberg will be competing in the -72kg Women’s Open division on June 13 in Helsingborg, Sweden.

To get herself, and everyone fired up for what will be an exciting two weeks of powerlifting, Weissenberg shared a video on her Instagram page highlighting an impressive 430 lb squat. This big time squat naturally has us all wondering, will she take home a new classic world record in the -72kg weight class?


Weissenberg has been showing off impressive squats for some time now, and we’ve been covering most of them.

Last year in March at the Arnold Classic, Weissenberg set the IPF squat world record with 200kg/440lbs, then went on to squat 202.5kg/446.4 pounds about a month later. It didn’t even stop there. Then, after hitting that monstrous squat, Weissenberg went on to squat even heavier hitting 207.5kg/457.5 lbs in training.

Long story short, the Weissenberg can squat when she’s at the peak of her game, and in a competitive class at World’s we’re excited to see how she stacks up against the other top -72kg athletes like Kimberly Walford, Ana Castellain, and Jessica Buettner.


To set the scene for the -72kg madness that is about to go down on June 13th, Walford qualified for the IPF Classic World Championships last January at the Nauru Independence Day 50th Anniversary Powerlifting Championships. Castellain and Weissenberg have been battling it out on the platform for years, however, from the looks of Jessica Buettner’s single at 195kg/430 pounds yesterday, the 24-year old is also in the race for chasing gold.

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The -72kg Women’s Open is already heating up, and we can’t wait to see what insane number von Weissenberg hits on the platform.

Feature image from @ivweissenberg Instagram page.