Powerlifter Kelsey Horton Squats a Big 191kg PR

When it rains PRs, it pours, at least that seems to the squat theme of this week. The other day we wrote about powerlifter Amanda Lawrence smoking two big squat PRs in training, and today, we’re covering Kelsey Horton’s latest single and double PR sets. Horton, normally a competitor in the 67.5kg/148 lb weight class, has been moving some serious weight over the last few months.

Yesterday, Horton shared two very strong sets, which included a single with 191kg/420 lbs on the bar and a double at 181kg/400 lbs. These are big lifts for Norton, as they both top her best squat’s weight from her last powerlifting meet in April, but more on that below.

In her Instagram video’s description she writes, “damn. feeling like squatting every. damn. day. -> two new PRs tonight! *things are feeling amazing. why not strike while the iron is hot? no pun intended.”


To say 2018 has been a great year in the gym for Horton would be an understatement. Every week, it like seems she’s continuing to up her squat and deadlift numbers at a monumental rate.

Her last meet was in April when she competed at the USPA Colorado State Championships. Here, she competed in the 67.5kg/148 lb weight class and put on a commanding performance, and hit a career milestone.

In her recap video’s description shared on her Instagram page Horton writes, “Well i got what i came for today! i really wanted that 1k total and i ended up going 1030.6#(468.5kg). (180kg/90kg/200kg)I had all meet PRs on my lifts which was awesome. did i go 9/9? nope. but i think that can be a little safe sometimes and i felt like i left absolutely everything i had for this day on the platform.”


As of right now, we’re not sure when Horton is set to take the platform next, but judging from her latest string of PRs she’s definitely ready for big things, and we’re pumped to see what she can hit next time she competes.

Featured image from @kelseyhorton1989 Instagram page.