Powerlifter Stefanie Cohen Deadlifts 507 lbs for a 4x+ Bodyweight Triple

A three rep PR heard around the powerlifting community.

Powerlifter Stefanie Cohen recently added another massive deadlift PR to her impressive powerlifting resume. Yesterday, Cohen shared a strong 230kg (507 lb) deadlift triple that tops any of her previous three reps bests.

Cohen didn’t share her bodyweight in the video, but three days ago she shared a squat video and pointed out she’s sitting around 126 pounds. We’re guessing she’s not far from that in the deadlift video (if at all), which would make this deadlift a 4x+ bodyweight triple.

Currently, Cohen is prepping to lift at the 2018 Arnold Classic in the Animal Cage. In Instagram video’s description she writes, “Been having a rough time adjusting to sumo again after a long block of mostly conventional. Happy to see that strength is coming back right in time for the Arnold!! I’ll be lifting at the Animal Cage Saturday at 3pm.”

If you’re already a Cohen fan, then this set may not surprise you all too much. Her deadlift strength can only be described as legendary, and she continually reminds us why it’s that way. For context, it wasn’t too long ago when Cohen was talking about breaking the quadruple bodyweight deadlift feat, then aiming to pull 500 lbs.

[Flashback to when Stefi Cohen pulled a 525 lb single at 123 lbs bodyweight!]

In addition to the impressive triple video above, Cohen has also pulled an extremely heavy single off of 3″ blocks. A week ago, she deadlifted 260kg (575 lbs) off blocks, which is a ridiculous 4.5x bodyweight pull if we account for her 126 lb bodyweight. It also makes us wonder, could this weight be possible for her one day?

Cohen currently holds the 123 lb women’s all-time deadlift world record at 485 lbs, which we’re guessing will fall at some point this year.

It’s going to be exciting to see what 2018 has in store for Cohen, and even more exciting to see what she can do in the Animal Cage at the Arnold Classic.

Feature image screenshot from @steficohen Instagram page.