Powerlifter Wendy Chan (47kg) Sets Junior World Records in Squat, Deadlift, and Total

If you’re a fan of powerlifting — especially in the Asia/Pacific region — chances are you’ve heard of Wendy Chan. She’s been making attempts on big records in her weight class (-47kg) on both the National and World levels for some time, and it seems we’ve only just started to see her true potential.

So call us surprised to discover we’d never actually covered any of her performances before today. Better late than never, because in her last competition as a Junior — powerlifters can compete as Juniors up to age 23 — Chan set new World Records in the squat, deadlift, and total to set up her transition to Senior competitor on fantastic terms.

Last week at the 2017 Oceana Powerlifting Championships, Chan went 9-for-9 with the following line at 46.65kg bodyweight:

Squat: 132.5 kg
Bench Press: 73 kg
Deadlift: 150 kg
Total: 355.5 kg total 
Wilks Score: 480.6 

Check out her performance below:

Also interesting to note is her deadlift setup, which is a very, very narrow sumo stance (or pretty wide conventional, or halfway in-between; you be the judge). It clearly works well for her.

The best part of Chan’s Instagram caption about her performance is also the most hilarious:

Squat, Deadlift and Total Junior World Records and a few Commonwealth/ Oceania/National ones

That’s right: She set so many records with her performance that it’s tough to even list out the National/Regional/Commonwealth ones, so we’re just going to have to take solace in the fact that she’s a newly minted World Record holder.

Congrats to Wendy Chan on an epic Championships performance, and we look forward to seeing her make a run at records on the Senior level soon!

Featured image: @watergirl94 on Instagram

David Tao

David Tao

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