Powerlifter Yury Belkin Is Back, Deadlifts 380kg for Reps

It’s been a while (pretty much a year) since we’ve seen any training videos surface from Russian all-time deadlift world record holder Yury Belkin. In terms of posting lifting videos online, he’s been on a hiatus, but judging from his last video he’s barely skipped a beat in his training.

On July 5th, Belkin shared an Instagram video that highlights him setting him to a loaded barbell and wrote a caption that sparked a ton of curiosity. For fans, they’ve been waiting for a huge deadlift from Belkin for a while, and in this video’s description Belkin wrote, “About a year there have been no training videos from me… and now this day has come! My PR. For about a year there have been no training videos from me, at least in draft … and now this day has come! My personal record, so to speak

Yet, to ours and many others dismay, Belkin ended up not pulling the weight, laughing, and walking away from the barbell. Well, luckily for us and Belkin fans across the world, he’s finally shared a deadlift video that’s left us wanting more, whilst also scratching our heads.

In Belkin’s video’s description below he writes, “It’s not the same 380kg, stiff bar.”

In the video, Belkin pulls two pretty easy reps, then goes to set up for another and the video cuts off. That’s what’s left us scratching our heads and wondering, “Did Belkin stop there or keep pulling?” Either way, pulling 380kg for reps on a stiff bar is more than impressive.

Belkin’s last meet was at the Kern US Open, which was held earlier this year in May. He competed in the 100kg weight class and totaled a monstrous 979kg, which was composed of a 360kg squat, 225kg bench press, and 395kg deadlift. While it wasn’t his best meet to date, Belkin still walked away with $40,000 USD in prize money for being the best men’s heavyweight athlete.

We’re well aware that Belkin has deadlifted more than 380kg on multiple occasions, but it’s great to see him back to sharing training videos and moving big weight. Plus, he hit this on a stiff bar, which makes the lift above even more impressive!

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Feature image from @belkin_one_power Instagram page.