Dave Castro Shares Second 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games Individual Event

Dave Castro created quite the buzz within the CrossFit community over the last 24 hours. He shared a series of photos that asked athletes and fans to guess what the next 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games individual event would be. The winner who guessed correctly would receive a brand new Assault Bike.

Over 24 hours and 5,000 answers later, no one was able to guess the perfect answer.

Yet, one fan came very close. Today, Castro finally shared the next individual workout (a chipper), and he went ahead and gifted the Assault Bike to the fan who came closest. His photo with the workout and respective winner are shared below.


Castro wrote in his photo’s description, “CrossFit Games individual event. (Nobody was able to guess the event. But @rwtumy was close. He didn’t ‘win’ the assault bike, but I will give him the @assaultairbike).” This lucky fan now gets a brand new Assault Bike, which run at about 799 dollars.

This announcement comes as the sixth official 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games event announcement, and the second full individual event announcement (after 1-RM snatch). Catching up? Below you can see the first five events with their respective timelines and articles.

Think you could have guessed the event? Check out Castro’s second round of photos that even provided clues for the event. Mind you, he shared this hours after 5,000+ CrossFit athletes/fans couldn’t guess the original post’s workout.


At BarBend we had a tough time guessing as well, and struck out on both of our attempts.

While we know what this workout entails, we still don’t know the order in which these events will take place.

Feature image from @thedavecastro Instagram page.