Reebok Nano 7 Weaves Release Date Said to Be “Very Soon”

We may be seeing the re-vamped Reebok Nano 7 Weave in the near future. In an Instagram post by Tal Short, Senior Product Manager at Reebok, he provided a few insights behind the newly constructed Nano’s release and make.

The Nano 7 Weave appears to be doing something similar to what the Nike Romaleos 3s did with their FlyWire material, but in their newest Nano. We saw a first look of this shoe back in April when @trainingshoeclub shared a photo on their Instagram page.

From Short’s Instagram post (shared below) he writes, “I’ve gotten a lot of dm’s on specifics around the Nano 7 Weave. Here is some info:”

  • “1. The major difference is the Weave has a fully engineered upper which improves overall comfort and performance. These are ready right out of the box. No stiffness. Plus- we are able to switch out the fibers to create the fade look.”
  • “2. Are we going to charge more? No. It’s definitely more expensive to make the shoe but we wanted to hold the price for you guys.”
  • “3. Launch Date? Soon. Very soon.”

In the comments section Short continued to answer a few questions Instagram users had. One user asked (@_benwinch), “What makes the weave material durable?” Short responded with, “We measure materials based on tensile strength and the Weave has tested higher than any other material we have ever used. Sorry – if that’s too technical.”

Another user (@kurtkeiser) asked about the Speed TR 2.0’s (shown below) release date, and Short stated, “Soon to very soon for the Speed TR 2.0. You can customize a pair now on” So if you’re a Speed TR 2.0 fan, then you can expect to see them released in the very soon future.

Cross training shoes are becoming as in-depth and complex (in some respects) as weightlifting shoes, and that’s probably not a bad thing for an athlete’s performance.

Feature image from @tal_short Instagram page.