Rogue Fitness Named World’s Strongest Man Official Equipment Provider

Earlier today, The World’s Strongest Man announced on their social pages that Rogue Fitness would be their new exclusive equipment provider. Outside of this announcement, there hasn’t been much more information shared on the topic. Fans have already started speculating if this partnership will mean more US based events, and live streams for future events, but there’s been no information disclosed on these topics.

In many cases, this partnership seems to make a lot of sense, as Rogue Fitness already provides the sport with multiple pieces of equipment for different strongman events such as the Austrian Oak, Elephant Bar Deadlift, and Bag Over Bar to name a few.

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In a quote provided by The World’s Strongest Man’s Facebook page given to Starting Strongman they write, “I don’t see how it won’t be a net positive. You can look at the impact Rogue Fitness sponsoring the Arnold Strongman Classic has had. The prize money went up to making it the highest paying contest in Strongman not to mention the great video production Rogue Fitness produces for the Arnold Strongman Classic. A big equipment sponsor should result in more and better equipment for the athletes competing and to warm up with.

The other way this benefits Strongman as a whole is showcasing Strongman to a larger audience base outside of the sport drawing more athletes and fans from other types of fitness to Strongman.

A lot of fans have speculated with Rogue’s base in The United States they would have some pole to bring WSM to America for 2018 or perhaps live stream the event. First Live stream is highly highly unlikely I think and from what I have heard of rumors of dates and locations for 2018 Worlds Strongest Man I don’t believe it will be in the USA but if more news is learned I will be share to post it here.”

For Rogue Fitness, this is another big partnership, as last December they became USA Weightlifting’s exclusive equipment manufacturer. It’s going to be interesting to see how this partnership alters Rogue Fitness’ involvement with the World’s Strongest Man event in the year to come.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this partnership will benefit the sport of strongman?

Feature image from @worldsstrongestman Instagram page.