Russian Athletes and Events Announced for Second Annual Klokov Power Weekend

In early July, Dmitry Klokov announced his second-annual Power Weekend, a Moscow-based event where international lifters (both active and retired) come together to put on some feats of strength we don’t normally see tested in competition settings. These included hang snatches, rack jerks, max weight thrusters, and more, all from some of the world’s strongest athletes.

Now, Klokov’s training and business partner (and 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist) Dmitry Berestov has announced the events and Russian athletes for the event, which runs from November 19-20. He also announced the prize payout, with some significant bucks up for grabs.

As it’s not an IWF-sanctioned event, the Power Weekend also gives us a chance to see some athletes perform who may be serving suspensions from international competition. (For example, Russian superheavyweight Aleksey Lovchev and Kazakhstan’s Ilya Ilyin were on the list of initial invites.)

For those who don’t read Russian, here are the details.

Committed athletes (again, these are only the Russian athletes, other invited lifters from abroad have yet to announce commitments) include:

Dmitry Klokov
Dmitry Berestov
Chingiz Mogushkov
Aleksey Lovchev
Rinat Kireev
Dmitry Lapikov

Lovchev and Lapikov are currently suspended by the IWF following positive doping tests.

Events tested (for max weight) will include:

Hang Snatch with Straps
Jerk from the Rack
Power Clean & Press

Prizes will include, based on Sinclair calculated from total weight lifted across the elements:

1st Place: $5,000
2nd Place: $3,000
3rd Place: $2,000

No word yet on non-Russian athletes who will be in attendance or when that list might be released. But last year’s event featured a pretty impressive international lineup, so we suspect there will be just as many — if not more — non-Russians as Russians competing.

Who are you most excited about seeing at the 2016 Klokov Power Weekend? Which international athletes do you most want to see? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image: @berestov_dmitriy on Instagram