This Russian Weightlifter’s Clean Is a Clinic in Never Giving Up

Russian weightlifter Sergey Koptev isn’t a huge name in the weightlifting world, and he’s not attacking world or national record weights during training or competition (yet). And while it remains to be seen if he’ll ever reach a competitive elite status, like many determined lifters, he’s fighting to improve, one attempt at a time.

Koptev’s recent fight with 160kg — a 20kg PR! — really caught our attention. It’s a lesson in patience, fight, and repositioning in the clean. Textbook form? Not really, as there are certainly some kinks to work out.

But inspiring fight? Sure thing. We can’t remember the last time we fought this hard for a lift.

When it comes to strength sports, sometimes it’s good to know when to stop fighting on a given lift. But at a few points in a lifter’s career, progress takes a lot of grit and a big personal push. Koptev’s big PR is a testament to what determination can do even when leg strength is a bit lacking.

Featured image: @sergey_koptev on Instagram