Siamand Rahman Does Insane Things in the Bench Press

Siamand Rahman is in a class by himself. The paralympic powerlifter and two-time defending Paralympic Champion is, depending on who you ask, one of the world’s most dominant strength athletes. The question when he competes is basically never “Will he win?” but “Will he break his own record, a record almost no one else on Earth can even imagine coming within spitting distance of?”

While Rahman isn’t the flashiest guy or most prolific poster on social media, he does occassionally take some time to put up a video and remind folks just how good he really is.

One recent video in that realm features Rahman bench pressing 270kg — that’s 594 pounds for people who use those units — for a smooooooth triple. For reference, Rahman’s next-closest competitor at the Rio Paralympics finished with a 235kg successful lift. Rahman is going a full 35kg above his best competition’s max — and doing it for an easy three.

Watch and prepare to be amazed by this man’s strength and bar control.

Rahman is still young for powerlifting — 28 years old — and seems to be getting stronger every year. We’re excited to see how far this man can push the envelope, not only in paralympic powerlifting, but in raw bench pressing in general.

Featured image: @siamand_rahman on Instagram