Did Simon Martirosyan Just Hit One of the Heaviest Hang Cleans (& Jerks) Ever?

Do you have heavy hang cleans today? Do you need a shot of afternoon motivation before heading into the gym after a long work day, then look no further.

It’s not often we see lifts that completely stop us in our tracks, but this lift definitely got our attention. Honestly, this may be one of the heaviest hang clean & jerks we’ve ever seen, and potentially could be the heaviest for an athlete at this weight.

Armenian -105kg (and occasionally +105kg) weightlifter Simon Martirosyan posted a video earlier today that highlights an absolutely massive 230kg (507 lb) hang clean & jerk. On top of the impressive weight, he makes this lift look incredibly easy. In Martirosyan’s video’s description he simply writes, “Tell me that I’m very cool,” and we’d say cool indeed. 

Check out the monstrous hang clean & jerk from the 21 year old below.


As if a clean 230kg (507 lb) wasn’t enough, Martirosyan also went for 240kg (529 lbs), which is featured in his Instagram story. Granted, the lift got cut off, so we’re unsure if he made it, but we’re guessing he came up short  otherwise that would have probably been his main post.

This isn’t the first time Martirosyan has put up big weight from the hang variation in the Olympic lifts. Back in early April, he shared a video smashing a 205kg (452 lb) hang snatch, which caught eyes from many in the weightlifting community.


If you’re already a Martirosyan, then you already know these lifts are impressive, and they may not surprise you. After all, at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Martirosyan walked away with a silver in a highly competitive -105kg weight class and he was only 19 years old. At the Olympics, he snatched 190kg and clean & jerked 227kg for a strong 417kg total.

With these impressive hang clean & jerk and snatch videos, we’re pumped to see what the future holds for this young athlete.

Feature image from @simonmartirosyan Instagram page.