Some Guy Just Created an Ultimate Database for WODs

We may be a little bit biased, but there seems to be a higher percentage of awesome people in the fitness community than in everyday life. Someone is always coming out with some new piece of equipment or program designed to make our lives easier and our gainz bigger — often for free.

In the latest contribution, Reddit user chadbaud created to make sure you’re never without a workout of the day, ever again. And, he appears to have done it for no reason other than to be a nice person and solve all our problems.

With Hero WODs, Open workouts, the Girls, and over 900 additional workouts, FindAWod is just 9 days old and is already a great source for workouts. Much like the guy who created a website to help you correctly add up bumper plate weights, was originally created just because there wasn’t a better alternative. According to chadbaud’s website blurb, “ ‘Find A WOD’ is a thing. I’m not sure what it is yet, but it’s fun to make stuff. Making stuff makes you feel alive.”  

Good guy chadbaud. is being continually tweaked and updated as needed, and has already seen significant updates in the week or so since it’s been around. Recent developments include filters for movement type, length, and WOD type, as well as the ability to “save for later.” chadbaud says equipment filters are next, so whether you’re working in a rackety home gym or a massive globo gym, you’ll be able to find a WOD that fits the equipment at hand.

Our favorite feature, though, is that lists the sources for all of its workouts, so you know the workouts are legit. Invictus, CrossFit Mayhem, — it’s all there, in one place.  

Most importantly, works wonderfully — and looks beautiful — on mobile, so you will literally always have a workout on hand!