Powerlifter Stefi Cohen Deadlifts 503 lbs for 4 Reps at 120 lbs Bodyweight

This is absolutely insane. We’ve written on Stefi Cohen a lot recently, but for good reason. Most recently, we wrote an article on her 501 lb deadlift at 121 lbs body, which comes out to about 4.14x her bodyweight. And that was impressive, but the below is guaranteed to make your jaw drop.

While 501 lbs is impressive, what about 503 lbs for four reps. Yesterday, Cohen shared a video on her Instagram page that highlighted this epic feat of strength. She deadlifted 503 lbs for four reps at a 120 lbs bodyweight.

Back in August, Cohen’s main focus was to deadlift 4x her bodyweight and take down the 123 lb all-time world record. She accomplished this feat at the Boss of Bosses IV meet by pulling 220kg (485 lbs) at a bodyweight of 121 lbs. Now it seems like she’s PR’ing every week, and pushing the threshold even further.

At the time of her world record we asked her how it felt, and what was next for her. She responded with, “I thought I would feel more accomplished, but I can’t help wanting more. 500 lbs up next.”

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“Also, pretty sure that’s the first time a woman’s ever done a deadlifts 4x bodyweight (raw). We fact checked with Powerlifting Watch, and we’re 98% certain.And keep in mind, this was a quote she gave less than two months ago, and she just pulled over 500 lbs for reps.

Check out her first 501 lb deadlift from September 19th below.

Now the question remains, can Cohen hit this deadlift feat in competition? She plans to attempt 500lb or more without straps at the SPF Reebok Record Breakers meet, which is taking place on November 11th in Dublin, California.

If Cohen can hit the 500 lb pull, then she’ll push the highest raw deadlift ever performed by a woman in her bodyweight category even further. We’re excited to see what she’s capable of.

Feature image screenshot from @steficohen Instagram page.