Nine Strong Moms We’re Honoring This Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the strong moms and soon-to-be moms out there!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve created a list of some seriously strong moms that you should know and follow. These nine moms and soon-to-be moms are all accomplished powerlifters, strongwomen, CrossFit athletes, and weightlifters. They have all showcased their strength on some of the world’s biggest stages, and today, we celebrate them!

Happy Mother’s Day to Marisa Inda, Jen Thompson, Jennifer Millican, Annie Sakamoto, Elisabeth Akinwale, Kristin Rhodes, Kelsey Horton, and soon-to-be moms Kara Saunders and Quiana Welch.

1. Marisa Inda, Powerlifter | @marisainda

Inda’s most recent performance was at Raw Nationals last October. Inda finished in first place in the raw -52kg/114 pounds weight class squatting 144.9kg/319.6 pounds, bench pressing 97.9kg/216 pounds, deadlifting 172.5 kg/380.3 pounds for a total of 415.5 kg/916 pounds.

We’ve written about Inda’s impressive lifts on multiple occasions. Inda first entered a weight room when she was 17 years-old and has been hooked ever since. However, Inda started off her lifting career as a bodybuilder and has since found her stride in powerlifting.

2. Jen Thompson, Powerlifter |@jenthompson132

Thompson is a 10-time IPF World Champion who has claimed multiple USAPL Raw National titles, and currently holds five all-time IPF World Records in the -63kg and -72kg weight classes.

We’ve covered Thompson’s world recordsbest training tips, and we most recently wrote about her bid for the World Games 2018 Athlete of the Year. Thompson is a mother of two, and you can always find her reaching new heights with her lifts on Instagram.

3. Jennifer Millican, Powerlifting | @jenmillican

Meet another powerlifting mom who is a two-time IPF World Champion in the -57kg weight class. She’s been crushing the powerlifting world for quite some time, and in 2017 at the 10th Annual USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals, she earned first place in the -57kg weight class and also took home an American women’s raw deadlift record, total record, and tied the bench record.

Last year, Millican took home first place at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships with a commanding 450kg total.

4. Annie Sakamoto, CrossFit | @anniekimiko

Sakamoto is a four-time CrossFit Games athlete who has competed on a team once, as an individual twice, and once as a masters athlete. Her first appearance at the CrossFit Games as a masters athlete was in 2016 Women’s 40-44 Division, she finished in second place.

Sakamoto got involved in CrossFit in 2004 and became a trainer at the original CrossFit Santa Cruz in California. Now she is co-owner and founder of CrossFit Santa Cruz Central, just down the street from the original CrossFit gym.

5. Elisabeth Akinwale, CrossFit/Weightlifting | @eakinwale

Akinwale is a five-time CrossFit Games competitor and two-time North Central Regional champion in the sport. Her strength sports resume doesn’t stop there, though, she also has three USA Weightlifting National qualifications and three American Open Weightlifting Championship appearances attached to her name.

Akinwale was a gymnast growing up, but found CrossFit in 2010 and started competing at the highest level just six months later in 2011. Akinwale wears many hats, we spoke with her about body image and the term “Strong is the New Sexy” in the past, and now she’s a mother, Under Armour athlete, and founder of 13th Flow.

6. Kara Saunders, CrossFit | @karasaundo

Saunders was the second Fittest Woman on Earth in 2017 and has been crowned Australia’s Fittest Female four times (2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016.) Last year, she took home fourth place at the Games. In December 2018, she announced that she will not be competing in the 2019 CrossFit Games season due to her pregnancy, and that she’s expecting right around the same time as the Down Under CrossFit Championship in Queensland, Australia.

Saunders’ may not be a mom yet, but she’s expecting soon. The mom-to-be has been sharing her pregnancy fitness journey on social media, and her workouts have been right on pace with her past WODs. We’re excited to see Saunders tackle the next challenge ahead, and who knows maybe she will take the crown as Fittest Mom On Earth in the near future.

7. Kristin Rhodes, Strongwoman | @strongwomankristinrhodes

Rhodes is arguably one of the most accomplished female strength athletes ever. She was crowned America’s Strongest Woman eight times and is a three-time World Strongwoman Champion.

Just this past week, Rhodes announced on Instagram that she will be attempting to break her Circus Dumbbell World Record of 165 pounds for two reps at the ROGUE Invitational Rogue Record Breakers next weekend.

8. Quiana Welch, Weightlifter | @quiana_welch

Welch is a -76kg weightlifter and soon to be  mom who is most well-known for her strong lifts, consistent top performances, and hitting a 108kg snatch to break an American record in 2017. The 108kg snatch was enough to edge out Jenny Arthur’s previous 107kg record.

Before Welch started breaking American records in weightlifting she was a functional fitness athlete.

9. Kelsey Horton, Powerlifter | kelseyhorton1989

Horton is a mother, powerlifter, and was previously a contestant on NBC’s The Titan Games. The Titan Games is a competition based television show that brings together strength sports and American gladiators for the ultimate battle. When Horton was selected to compete on the show she was fired up about the opportunity to grow strength sports and see everyday people compete on a big stage.

Horton isn’t just your every day person, though. She recently competed at the Colorado State Championships and finished in first place in the raw 67.5kg/148 pound weight class. She performed personal best lifts across the board. She squatted 179.9kg/396.8 pounds, bench pressed 87.5kg/192.9 pounds, and deadlifted 200kg/440.9 pounds.

Happy Mother’s Day

These moms are breaking boundaries, crushing huge lifts, and inspiring us all every day. Let us continue to celebrate all the strong moms out there!

Feature image from @jenthompson132 & @eakinwale Instagram pages.