Taylor Atwood (74KG) Sets Three American Records at 2021 USAPL Nationals

Atwood now owns all four American Records at 74 Kilograms.

The United States Powerlifting (USAPL) Nationals in Daytona, FL — taking place from June 14-19, 2021 — has been the home to several milestones for competitive powerlifters. First, on June 16, Powerlifting legend Jen Thompson won her 50th National title (between full meets and bench press events). Then, on the morning of June 17, Taylor Atwood — the first 74-kilogram lifter to total over 800 kilograms —  managed to total 11.4 times over his body weight between all three lifts.

Atwood, who competed at 74 kilos, went eight for nine in Florida and worked up to an astonishing 838.5 kilogram total. He set American records in the squat, deadlift, and total. Atwood now owns all four American Records at 74 kilograms. Since the USAPL is a National organization, a lifter can’t set world records at this meet. However, Atwood’s new total is the all-time heaviest at 75 kilograms (according to Open Powerlifting). Here are his stats from that meet:

  • Squat — 303 kilograms (668 pounds), new American Record
  • Bench Press — 195 kilograms (430 pounds)*
  • Deadlift — 340.5 kilograms (750 pounds), new American Record
  • Total — 838.5 kilograms (1,848.5 pounds), new American Record

* Atwood owns this American Record at 199 kilograms, set in 2020, but did not break it at this meet. 


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The outstanding performance resulted in Atwood winning his seventh National title. His total was 68.5 kilograms ahead of second-place finisher Austin Perkins. The squat and deadlift marks are career bests for Atwood. His bench press was four kilograms short of his personal record of 199 kilograms, which he set at the 2020 Florida State Championships.

Less than one year ago, Atwood became the first 74-kilogram competitor to break the 800 kilogram total. He is now closing in on an 850 kilogram total, currently sitting 11.5 kilograms away from that number.

American Deadlift Record

The total alone wasn’t even the only milestone accomplishment for him. His efforts in the deadlift led to him breaking the American record in the lift twice. He initially set the mark on his second attempt with a lift of 325.5 kilograms, then followed it up with the final lift of 340.5 kilograms. He completed all deadlift attempts with a sumo stance. According to the USAPL website, the previous record was 325 kilograms, set by Eric LaPointe at the 2020 Odyssey Barbell Club Classic. 

The 32-year-old has quite the resume. He is a two-time IPF World Champion (2018 and 2019) in the 74-kilogram class and has seven USAPL National titles (2014-2019). But, unfortunately, neither the USAPL Nationals nor the IPF World Championships were held in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Atwood is not the first person to total 11 times his body weight in 2021. Chad Penson, who competes in the 90-kilogram class, pulled the feat off at the 2021 Kern US Open.

Featured image: @t_atwood on Instagram