How Terrence Ruffin Sculpts His Client, Josh Langbein, for the Pro Stage

The two-time Arnold Classic Physique champion shows us how he prepares his bodybuilding clients for the pro stage.

Classic Physique competitor Terrence Ruffin is widely regarded as one of the more flawless posers currently in the IFBB. Watching Ruffin artistically transition from pose to pose is reminiscent of bodybuilding greats like Franco Columbo and Flex Wheeler. In a YouTube video published on Aug. 14, 2022, Ruffin shared his client’s prep for the pro stage.

Ruffin is known for his pair of runner-up finishes at the Olympia in 2020 and 2021 and his two Arnold Classic titles. That success is thanks to his size and conditioning presented via the seamless flow of his posing, which anchors his complex routines. Watch Ruffin prepare his client, Josh Langbein, for Langbein’s pro debut at the 2022 Tampa Pro below:

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The video opened with Ruffin checking in with Langbein at  4:30 a.m. Langbein explained that when deep into prep, he has trouble sleeping. He had already completed 60 minutes of fasted cardio on the stair master at this point.

Four Days Out From Tampa Pro

Langbein stripped down to his underwear for his morning weigh-in with Ruffin. Sitting at 185.3 pounds, Langbein was right on Ruffin’s schedule for the Tampa Pro.

Every show, you freak out about your weight.

Ruffin and Langbein headed to a lighting setup for some progress pictures and posing. Ruffin had Langbein power through the motions as quickly as possible, though there is significance to an overall mastery of the poses and their corresponding transitions.

For pose downs or comparisons on stage, a bodybuilder needs to know how to show off as much of their physique as possible in a short amount of time.


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Ruffin touched base with Langbein about how Langbein is currently feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally with only a few days before the show. Langbein felt tired as expected but remained energetic.

Ruffin’s Assessment

Ruffin used his fingers to gauge how much water and fat Langbein’s physique still held.

Yeah, a little water there, we are gonna get you a little dryer, we need to increase your water a bit.

Langbein was drinking about two gallons of water per day already. Ruffin stated that Tuesday — four days before the contest — would likely be Langbein’s last cardio session. Ruffin sought to prevent Langbein from feeling depleted on stage.

Being so close to the show, minor details and smaller manipulations were the focus. They pair already baked the cake, and it was time for a final layer of frosting.

Ruffin discussed diet changes for the day: less rice for Langbein’s fifth meal and adjustments made accordingly based on Langbein’s weight and appearance. Besides that, most of Langbein’s diet remained the same besides removing his intra-workout carb source.

Josh Prepares His First Meal

Langbein made his first meal for the day, consisting of 100 grams of egg whites, three egg yolks, and 50 grams of cream of rice. Langbein scarfed the meal down before heading to the gym. Langbein shared that his go-to meal post-show is sushi.

Training Week

As they arrive at Dave’s Gym, Ruffin said this workout would likely be Langbein’s last longer “normal” workout for this prep.

Tomorrow there will be some pump stuff, Thursday he can kick his feet up, watch tv, and play video games, pose in between meals.

At this point in the prep, no movement was taken to failure. They were not trying to tear down the muscle too much but instead work on the finer details of Langbein’s physique.

It’s going to be a pretty quick workout…only…two sets per exercise.

Ruffin knew Langbein had a pretty solid chest and didn’t need much to maintain it. They stuck with six to seven working sets with a superset thrown in.

So four days out, we are not going to put on any new muscle…and not get hurt. We just want to keep the muscle full.

Langbein’s first movement is the incline hammer chest press. He worked up to three plates on each side for two working sets to pump his upper chest before hitting seated cable flyes.

Langbein and Ruffin’s third movement hit the shoulders — a compound movement in the form of the seated shoulder press machine. 

Triceps Pushdowns

Ruffin and Langbein’s fourth and final movement was the triceps pushdown using cuffs in place of a rope or bar to emphasize the muscle itself and chisel out those fine details without relying too much on grip strength.


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Ruffin suggested a prep done right properly prevents significant loss of strength. Many factors could cause a drop in strength, such as a mistimed prep or moving too quickly to make weight. Coaches must learn how their clients’ bodies react during prep and adjust accordingly.

Coaches will often have time requirements for how long they want to work with a client before a show to ensure they have enough time to achieve a successful prep. Ideally, a coach will work with their client from the off-season into the show’s prep.

Posing Practice

Langbein stripped down to his underwear for another posing practice session with Terrence.

Slow down too, if you go too fast you’re going to fall over.

Posing practice is critical throughout prep. One could have the most extraordinary physique in the world, but if they don’t know how to present it on the stage, they can still lose a show.

Grocery Shopping for Prep

Langbein’s grocery cart was loaded with lean chicken breast, Ben’s original steamable rice, and some veggies. Langbein finished up the day by doing some last-minute meal prepping.

When I used to cook chicken, I would use turmeric.

Ruffin and Langbein took Langbein’s prep just as seriously and personally as Ruffin takes his own. They went into extreme detail with every facet of the prep, making changes minute by minute as needed. 

Langbein competed in the Classic Physique division at the 2022 Tampa Pro, finishing in 13th place with a score of 63. Courage Opara won the contest.

Featured image: @ifbbpro_pinoylangbein on Instagram