Is Tia-Clair Toomey Moving to Cookeville, Tennessee?

In the very near future, we may be seeing the small city of Cookeville, Tennessee get a little more fit, and we’re not talking about an increase in the population’s gym attendance. Earlier today, CrossFit HQ released a video discussing CrossFit Mayhem’s two team performances at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games.

A majority of the 10-minute video is spent discussing Froning and company, along with the differences the CrossFit Mayhem team displayed this year compared to years in the past. Then, at about the 6:45 minute mark in the video, things get really interesting.

Sean Woodland, Rory McKernan, and Tommy Marquez segue into discussing Cookeville, Tennessee, which is now home to CrossFit Mayhem, a central training hub for Mat Fraser and several other top CrossFit athletes. On the screen, they start discussing the athletes who currently train in Cookeville and who have in the past, and among them is Tia-Clair Toomey who, on the screen, is said to be moving there in 2019.

Now, if we look at what’s public right now, then we know Toomey has trained in Cookeville before, and did so for a couple weeks in lead up to the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games. Before jumping to conclusions, Toomey has yet to make a comment on any of her social profiles about a potential move that would land her full-time in the States, so it’s still tough to say if she’s actually moving, and if she is, when. Check it out for yourself below.

Obviously, no one can draw official conclusions until Toomey posts about this news and confirms it, but if we look at the facts, then a move doesn’t seem all too unrealistic.

First, Toomey has trained in Cookeville before, which means she already has some idea for what it could/would be like. Second, Mat Fraser moved there in 2017, and after dominating the Games three years in a row, he’s clearly displayed that the move was a very good idea for his career. Third and lastly, Froning and his crew live there, so the talent and CrossFit community is crazy strong in this smaller city.

We’re still waiting on the official announcement of this potentially big news from Toomey herself, but from what we can see, a move doesn’t seem all too far off from a reality.

Feature image from CrossFit YouTube channel.