Tom Martin Deadlifts a Huge Personal Best 410kg (903 lbs)

British powerlifter Tom Martin continues on his war path of hitting huge lifts. In the last few weeks, Martin has put up some of his best lifts to date. Martin as of lately, a regular competitor in the -110kg (242 lb) weight class made waves last year as he claimed British records one by one with some seriously impressive strength feats.

His latest deadlift video is arguably one of his most impressive deadlifts to date. In the video, Martin pulls 410kg (903 lbs) conventional with a hookgrip and points out in the video’s description, “First time pulling 900+ to comp standards (no straps, calibrated plates).” Check out the video below.

This is a huge lift for Martin, and it isn’t that unreasonably far off from the all-time world record for the 242 lb weight class currently held by Yury Belkin. Could we see him make a run at the all-time world record at some point in the near future, possibly 2018?

We mentioned above that Martin made waves in 2017 for his record breaking lifts, but what really set him apart was how he overcame a major surgery to return to the platform. Back in July 2017, Martin tore his bicep at the World Powerlifting Congress’s European Championships going for a 380kg deadlift record in his weight class.

This would have set back most athletes for a considerable amount of time, but not Martin. About four months after undergoing surgery, Martin was back on the platform crushing three British raw powerlifting records (while wearing wraps). To end his epic meet, he set new records with a squat of 370 kilograms (815.7 pounds), a deadlift of 402.5 kilograms (887.4 pounds), and a total of 982.5 kilograms (2,166 pounds), also the biggest British raw total across any and all weight classes.

There’s no denying Martin has a ridiculous amount of tenacity when it comes to performing epic feats of strength, especially with adversity against him. He’s hit more than a couple personal bests in his last Instagram videos, so we’re pumped to see what he’s able to accomplish this year.

Feature image screenshot from @tommartinpl Instagram page.