USA Weightlifting Announces 2018 Senior Pan Am Team

This past Friday afternoon, USA Weightlifting announced the full men’s and women’s rosters for their 2018 Senior Pan Am team. If you follow some of USA Weightlifting’s top athletes already on social media, then chances are you may have already seen who’s made the team, but below you can find the full roster.

This year, the Senior Pan American Championships are set to take place May 12-15th in San Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Lance Williams, Associate Executive Director of Sport of USAW ,went on record saying, “We are tremendously excited to send this team to the Pan American Championships.  The Women’s team promises to be one of the strongest teams we’ve ever sent. We are currently standing tall at 4th place and hope to land in the top three to secure the maximum spots for the Pan American Games in 2019.”

Check out the full women’s roster below:

  • Hayley Reichardt: 48kg Garage Strength
  • Alyssa Ritchey: 48kg Team Juggernaut
  • Caitlin Hogan: 53kg NO. 4 Weightlifting
  • Mattie Sasser: 63kg Unattached
  • Meredith Alwine: 69kg HI Performance Athletics
  • Mattie Rogers: 69kg Team O.C.
  • Jenny Arthur: 75kg Unattached
  • Quiana Welch: 75kg Team Juggernaut
  • Marissa Klingseis: 90+kg Wesley Weightlifters
  • Sarah Robles: 90+kg Team Houston

Williams also shared his thoughts on the men’s team, saying, “The Men’s team is currently in 2nd place and needs to defend their strong performance of 2017 to earn the maximum number of spots for the Pan Am Games.  We feel these rosters reflect the strength Team USA plans to display through the remainder of the Quadrennial.”

Check out the full men’s roster below:

  • Brey Kobashigawa: 56kg Team Hawaii
  • Derrick Johnson: 62kg Texas Barbell Club
  • CJ Cummings: 69kg Team Divergent
  • Jordan Cantrell: 85kg Mash Mafia Weightlifting
  • Harrison Maurus: 85kg Alpha Barbell
  • Jason Bonnick: 94kg Florida Elite
  • Nathan Damron: 94kg Mash Mafia Weightlifting
  • Wes Kitts: 105kg California Strength
  • Cameron Swart: 105+kg Team Houston
  • Caine Wilkes: 105+kg Little League Weightlifting

Feature image from @usa_weightlifting Instagram page.