USA Weightlifting Announces the Strongest High Schoolers in America

If you’re curious about what some of the strongest high school athletes across the nation are lifting, now you can find out.

On March 1st, we reported on USA Weightlifting’s new method to seek out potential new and young talent across the nation. USAW held an online combine, which lasted from March 14th – April 16th. This combine was open to 13-18 year old high school students (male & female).

Instead of having participants execute snatches and clean & jerks, USAW requested every one in participation complete a max bench press, squat, and power clean or full clean. We thought this was a great way to include more athletes, as the snatch and clean & jerk may be too technical for newer athletes who may have no prior exposure to weightlifting or a coach.

Over the combine month, 166 athletes participated across 20 different states and 40 different schools. Video submissions from athletes were reviewed by USAW’s Sport Team, which included Pyrros Dimas and Mike Gattone.

Check out the top male and female athletes in the table below that was shared within USA Weightlifting’s press release.

Top Male Athletes

  • Hayden Flinders (119 lb BW), Bench: 110lbs, Squat 240lbs, Clean 185lbs
  • Imanol Diaz (129 lb BW), Bench 215lbs, Squat 225 lbs, Clean 185lbs
  • Austin Hunt (139 lb BW), Bench 260 lbs, Squat 305 lbs, Clean 205 lbs
  • Trent Miller (154 lb BW), Bench 225 lbs, Squat 335 lbs, Clean 225 lbs
  • Chris Brown (169 lb BW), Bench 195 lbs, Squat 330 lbs, Clean 242 lbs
  • Daniel Kapua (183 lb BW), Bench 260 lbs, Squat 380 lbs, Clean 300 lbs
  • Jake Zauhar (199 lb BW), Bench 345 lbs, Squat 520 lbs, Clean 285 lbs
  • Gavyn Jones (219 lb BW), Bench 305 lbs, Squat 505 lbs, Clean 265 lbs
  • Winston Bailes (238 lb BW), Bench 308 lbs, Squat 418 lbs, Clean 308 lbs
  • Jacob Kaplan (238+ lb BW), Bench 385 lbs, Squat 585 lbs, Clean 300 lbs

Top Female Athletes

  • Mariah Montero (101 lb BW), Bench 65 lbs, Squat 105 lbs, Clean 55 lbs
  • Alexin Jones (110 lb BW), Bench 80 lbs, Squat 187 lbs, Clean 130 lbs
  • Leila Cook (119 lb BW), Bench 93.5 lbs, Squat 237 lbs, Clean 187 lbs
  • Danielle Kurr (129 lb BW), Bench 110 lbs, Squat 235 lbs, Clean 148 lbs
  • Olivia Reeves (139 lb BW), Bench 155 lbs, Squat 315 lbs, Clean 220 lbs
  • Peyton Newberry (154 lb BW), Bench 165 lbs, Squat 245 lbs, Clean 165 lbs
  • Morgan Butts (169 lb BW), Bench 120 lbs, Squat 185 lbs, Clean 115 lbs
  • Marissa Lutz (183 lb BW), Bench 145 lbs, Squat 310 lbs, Clean 135 lbs
  • Alexa Dorman (199 lb BW), Bench 110 lbs, Squat 185 lbs, Clean 110 lbs
  • Denai McClain (199+ lb BW), Bench 235 lbs, Squat 245 lbs, Clean 190 lbs

The top school, Raburn County High School from Tiger, Georgia, will be receiving a new barbell and weight set.

After a successful first year, we’re pumped to see how this program grows next year and what types of talent USAW can uncover across the nation.

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Feature image from @usa_weightlifting Instagram page.