USAPL Announces Hometown Showdown, Over $30k In Prizes

Compete Nationally, Lift Locally.

USA Powerlifting recently announced the launch of the 2020 USA Powerlifting Hometown Showdown, a national powerlifting competition that will be administered on a local level.

USAPL cancelled all Youth, Open, Bench and Raw Nationals earlier this year due to safety concerns surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. The Hometown Showdown is USAPL’s creative way of continuing safe and healthy competition for powerlifters nationwide.

The rules for the competition are simple. If you enter and compete at any USAPL local event, you are automatically entered into the Hometown Showdown. Powerlifters will be ranked and entered into a USAPL live leaderboard that will keep competitors up to date on the current standings.

Over 240 individual prizes will be awarded with a total value of over $30,000.

3rd Tier Awards (Weight Class top 10)
• Individualized Certificate

2nd Tier Awards (240 total)
• Qualify for the 2021 Arnold Sports Festival
• Custom limited edition t-shirt
• $100 credit to any USA Powerlifting hosted National Event 2021
• Name recognition in email
• Certificate

Top Tier Awards (24 Total)
Same as above plus:
Custom limited edition Yeti Cup with engraved logo
Sponsor Gift Cards

BarBend CEO, David Tao, recently caught up with legendary powerlifter Jen Thompson on the BarBend Podcast where the two discussed the current state of competitive powerlifting.

Like many elite powerlifters, Thompson is used to only competing at national and international events. When asked about the last time she competed in a local meet, Jen says it’s been a minute:

I think the last time I competed in a local meet was after I had my son Brody in 2005

With the cancellation of national powerlifting events, Thompson is planning on competing in a local meet and entering into the Hometown Showdown. She has her eye on one of the prizes in particular.

I definitely need to do a local meet this year so I can get in on that Yeti cup giveaway

Finally, when asked whether her presence at a local meet would be demoralizing for competitors hoping to get top lifter, Jen said, 

I’ll probably compete as a guest lifter as long as my total went in there. Hopefully it’s more inspiring than defeating

Thompson will also be participating in the Lift Together for Charity event (September 17-20) along with Ben Pollack and Meg Squats. The event will be live-streamed on Twitch, with all proceeds being split between the NAACP and the American Foundation for Suicide.

With USAPL creating the Hometown Showdown, look out for more elite powerlifters at the national and international level to compete at local events.

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