IPF Serves a Cease and Desist to USAPL Over WADA Complaint, USAPL Responds

Yesterday, an open letter was shared on social media from the USA Powerlifting that was addressed to USAPL National Governing Body Members. The open letter highlights information in regards to a cease and desist from the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). This open letter has made the rounds on various social media channels, and USAPL has since responded to the IPF’s order, which is included below.

The open letter was originally shared on Reddit from user lop3s66, and it has created a ton of discussion within the powerlifting community. In the cease and desist order, the USAPL specifies that the IPF sent their order in relation to the USAPL’s drug testing program and their disciplinary proceedings, and has mandated that the USAPL reinstate every athlete that has been suspended due to anti-doping infractions or other disciplinary issues.

The open letter contains a lot of interesting demands from the IPF. For example, they would like the USAPL to stop using the words “drug free”, which are words used within the USAPL’s registered service mark, as the USAPL is incorporated as the American Drug Free Powerlifting Association (which has been the case for 38 years). To read the full open letter, which we highly recommend to gather full context — check out this link.

What’s potentially the most interesting part of the cease and desist order is how the USAPL responded. In their November newsletter that was emailed to USAPL members earlier today the USAPL writes,

“All, Many of you have seen on social media the Open Letter to the voting members of the NGB regarding the IPF Matters. 

  • We state strongly, USA Powerlifting will NOT cease our business practices. 
  • We will continue to drug test at every level to maintain the drug-free platform you deserve.  
  • Despite asking several times of the IPF, USA Powerlifting has not be provided the alleged WADA compliant and therefore we will not act upon their cease and desist letter without due process according to the IPF Constitution.”

This response has left a lot of athletes, especially in the USAPL, with a cliffhanger, as now everyone must wait until the IPF either responds with the evidence that has been asked for, or takes further actions against the USAPL.

Feature image from @usapowerlifting Instagram page.