Vasiliy Polovnikov Has a New Exercise for You, But Maybe Start with Less Weight

Vasiliy Polovnikov is training out of the Norwood Training Center near Boston, and he’s up to his usual antics: lifting heavy things and making it look easier than it should. Check out this assistance exercise he recently posted on Instagram; that looks to be neck-banded-hang-clean-pulls with 220 kilos (unless we’re mistaken; we don’t really know what to properly call these).

Polovnikov is probably made of different stuff than you and I. He’s a former Russian Champion and noted weightlifting coach who can get away with calling pretty good weightlifters weak (and giving pointers to help them out, of course). Vasiliy also got second at the 2008 European Weightlifting Championships while lifting in the 85 kilo class, where he snatched 168 and clean & jerked 205.

These days, he’s a bit heavier and much, much stronger. Here he is squatting in all the colors of the rainbow.

And here’s one of several 200 kilo snatches Vasiliy Polovnikov has done on camera. Polovnikov was training in Russia at the time, and the video is from roughly 2010-2011.

It’s worth noting he did this lift at a claimed bodyweight of 101 kilos, back when he was training as a 94 kilo lifter.

Snatch 200 kg 3 years ago , body weight was about 101 kg

Posted by Vasily Polovnikov on Monday, December 1, 2014

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