Don’t Question the Depth: Vasily Polovnikov Back Squats 340kg (748 Pounds)

If you ever have the privilege of training at the Norwood Training Center outside of Boston, there’s a good chance you’ll catch some incredibly feats of strength. Currently, Norwood is the home of Russian record holder Vasily Polovnikov, a lifter and coach who looks like he was just built to squat ridiculous weights.

After chasing a back squat PR for several months, Vasily finally broke through his 320kg plateau (that one haunts us all, right?) for a smooth 340kg/748 pounds.

If anyone ever tells you weightlifters don’t know how to REALLY squat big weight, this is one of several clips we’d recommend showing them.

No word on if Polovnikov will make a run at some regional powerlifting records in the near future, though he has been posting some occasional bench press clips on social media.

He’s also got some decent-to-amazing pulling power, though we’d love to see what he can manage without straps.

This has been your daily dose of Russians lifting very heavy things.