Vilma Olsson Squats 14lb Over IPF World Record at 21 Years Old

The Swedish powerlifter grinded through an incredible 210kg/463lb lift in training.

At just 21-year-old, Vilma Olsson of Sweden has already made a name for herself in competitive powerlifting in the -72kg weight class. She made her debut with a win at the 2017 at the Svenska Styrkelyft Förbundet (SSF) u/j/v-SM klassisk styrkelyft in the sub-junior division and has since competed a total of sixteen times. She has won twelve events and only ever missed the podium a single time.

She took to her Instagram page earlier this week to perform an absolutely colossal 210kg/463lb squat. That weight is substantial because it is 6.5kg/14lb over the current International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) world record squat by Angelina Elovikova of Russia. It is also 19.5kg/43lb over the current IPF Junior squat world record of 190.5kg/420lb that Olsson herself holds from her performance at the 2019 European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) European Classic Championships — which she won.

Check out the monumental 210kg/463lb lift — and insane grind — from Olsson’s Instagram page below:

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Note: translated from Swedish via Google Translate.

210kg [at] the end of the training cycle. Really fun! Also incredibly grateful that I have such nice friends who line up and [spot].

Last month, Olsson was able to squat 2.5kg/5.5lb over the world record for a triple. You can see those lifts below courtesy of her Instagram page:


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The biggest wins thus far in Olsson’s career are her most recent win at the aforementioned 2019 European Classic Championships, a title she first won in the same division in 2018, and a silver medal finish at the 2018 IPF 6th World Classic Powerlifting Championships with the following stats:

  • Squat — 177.5kg/391lb — 13kg/28.6lb under her current competitive best.
  • Bench Press — 107.5kg/237lb —  10.5kg/23lb under her current competitive best.
  • Deadlift — 187.5kg/413lb — 7.5kg/16.5lb under her current competitive best.
  • Total — 472.5kg/1,041.7lb — 28.5kg/63lb under her current competitive best.

It is unclear when Olsson will be able to compete next on the world stage, but when she does, it is safe to say a new world record might be set.

Feature image from Vilma Olsson’s Instagram page: @vilma__olsson