How to Watch The 2016 World Open Powerlifting Championships

The 2016 World Open Powerlifting Championships will be held from November 13th to 19th in Orlando, Florida. This year, there are a recorded 255 competitors from 39 nations scheduled to compete: 145 men and 110 women. These lifters are all at the top tier in their weight classes, and this event will be used as a qualifier for the 2017 World Games held in Wroclaw/Poland. Check out the IPF’s live stream and never miss a lift.

The International Powerlifting Federation is sanctioning this event, which will also feature a category for Special Olympic athletes, one of the IPF’s biggest partners. 15 Special Olympic athletes will have the opportunity to lift and perform on the IPF stage.

Last year the championships lived up to the hype with multiple IPF records being broken, such as Andriy Naniev’s 265kg bench in the 83kg weight class and Alexey Sorokin’s 375kg squat.

2016 has been a great year for strength sports thus far, with multiple new records and groundbreaking lifts. So we’re pumped to see what the competitors bring to the stage this November. If you can’t wait like us, check out one of our favorite lifters, Blaine Sumner on Instagram and follow his preparation leading up to the event.

To be nominated for the 2017 World Games is an honor, so you know lifters will be bringing their A-games.

Featured image from International Powerlifting Federation IPF YouTube page