How to Watch the 2017 Nike American Open Finals

Hopefully you haven’t had enough weightlifting with the conclusion of the 2017 IWF Weightlifting World Championships, because we’re about to transition into the 2017 Nike American Open Finals. The finals begin Friday in Anaheim, California, and run through December 10th. This competition is the final event of the 2017 American Open Series, and is the meet where athletes will be named American Open Champions.

If you’re interested in watching the event live, then visit this link

The Nike American Open Finals (previously known as just the American Open) are the conclusion to the year long American Open series, which has three previous meets. Within the three previous competitions, athletes have the chance to qualify for the finals by finishing in the top of three of their weight class, or meet the listed qualifying totals (listed below).

In addition, the youth and masters athletes who finish in the top three with their Sinclair and Sinclair-Malone-Meltzer scores during the American Open Series competitions have the eligibility to compete in the finals.

American Open Series Background

This is the first year the American Open Series was structured in the format with the three competitions leading up to the finals. The goal and idea of having the series formatted this way is to allow an opportunity for more athletes to partake, and to grow the sport of weightlifting.

The three previous American Open Series competitions had lower totals compared to what’s listed below, which creates more opportunity for all leveled athletes to compete.

The Qualifying Totals

If you’re interested in competing next year, then check out the qualifying totals for the 2018 Nike American Open Finals below.


56kg 174kg
62kg 204kg
69kg 235kg
77kg 262kg
85kg 280kg
94kg 285kg
105kg 295kg
+105kg 300kg


48kg 128kg
53kg 145kg
58kg 158kg
63kg 170kg
69kg 177kg
75kg 180kg
90kg 182kg
+90kg 184kg


Feature image screenshot from @ndquadzilla Instagram page.